Ticking slowly away

Forever and ever

For the course of history

It's always been time

Ticking down the hours of your life…


The ticking of a minute

Seems long to those people

That 30 seconds can

Make or break them

But then 30 seconds seems like a turtle pace

To those who can race in 10

But then 1 second seems like a long interval to some

The spilt seconds tick away

Tick tock tick tock

You life ticking slowly away

A second

A minute

An hour…

A day is lived

Over and over

Then the sun starts to set

The darkness of night enveloping

Here we are standing small

At the doors of life

Little we seem at the beginning

Then we grow

Tick tock tick tock

Time ticking steadily along

_ seconds I've taken already

I'm not done yet

We waste our time on petty things

Time wasted on a breath

A blink

A step

Down the road of life

Tick tock

Times running out

Every minute brings you

Closer to death

Your last breath could be now

The next one

Keep breathing in vain

Not knowing the hand of fate

Could grasp your throat

Tick tock tick tock

A pendulum swings in a steady rhythm

Back and forth

Back and forth

Lulling you to sleep

Shh hhh

Tick tock tick tock


That time you waste sleeping

Is building up

It's been about a minute now

The time you've spent

Listening to me

It's counting down


The time of your life

You're still living


Keep breathing

Keep your feeble heart beating


Death is coming

He knows when your time is going to be up


The clock is racing on and on

Its been going on forever


Counting down the time left of this poem

The time left that I still talk

Taking your time away

Tick tock tick tock

Counting the seconds


Faster and faster

Numbers spinning

Faster and faster

Never will time

Faster and faster

Never will it ever