I love you dearly

Don't you know?

I'm just hopelessly insecure

All your visions of me

Being the perfect girlfriend

Your perceptions of me being sunshine and daisies

Are shattered in an instant

As I peel off a layer

It's only one though

I love you too dearly

To fully unwrap myself

I feel like a butterfly

Safe in my cocoon yet ugly

Slowly I come out of my shell

Yet be careful

This butterfly is fragile

Her precious wings are frail

Just like me

But my layers save me

My shell keeps me protected

From what I don't know

Maybe the reality of life

I live everyday in our memories

Then layers start to come off

Only one

The rest still keep me safe

I might be scared of you

It you don't like the butterfly

That comes out of the cocoon

Then what about me

Will you love me too?

What is it that makes you love me?

Is it my ugly outside,

Or the promise of a butterfly

Waiting for her chance to flourish

Unraveling the threads of deceit

Of fake smiles

And acted scenes

One layer is off

The makeup is a little thinner

And the vignettes are a little closer to reality

I commend you brave knight

Your deeds are well done

Now I must ask your mission

As you journey closer to the center

Is it the dragon you wish to slay,

Or to fall in love?

Both are there

But you need to decide

If you had the chance

Would you break the butterfly's wings

So that she couldn't fly again?