Joe Le

your jokes are so funny

everyone laughs

you are the center of attention

loving it.

you manipulate everyone

whoever you are with

which ever group you are talking to

you make sure

that you are the greatest

putting down anyone who isn't there

how you hate so and so

then the moment they show up

its buddy buddy with them

now lets diss someone else

manipulate someone else

to think that you are the pseudo-god

everyone thinks you are

I say pseudo though

because you are fake

everything you do is simply to be noticed

to stick out

to be needed

but inside your super ego

is a little boy

crying out for attention

but this little boy has become a bully

stepping on everyone

just to get to the top

just to have everyone like you

but your pedestal,

your high throne,

is made of paper

one little whisper would blow it down

bring you shattering down to earth

and then everyone would know your tricks,

your schemes,

then the big bully

will be all that he really is

just a little boy wanting attention.