A/N: (sigh) I'm 14, and I'm writing stuff like this. (shakes his head and smiles) My mother always hopped I'd grow up to be a decent, respectable man. Needless to say, she was a bit disappointed. (hehehehe)

The Sex Rap

By Son Of Evil

Roses are red, pickles are green

I love your legs and whats between

I like your stile I like your class

But most of all I like your ass

I'm a cool girl in a cool town

It takes a real mother fucker to put me down

Kissing is a sport

Fucking is a game

Guys get all the pleasure

Girls get all the pain

The guy says I love you,

You believe its true

9 months late,

He says the hell with you

The baby is a basted

The mother is a whore

All this wouldn't have happened

If the rubber wouldn't have torn

Sex is when a guys communication

Enters a girls information

To increase the population

For a younger generation

Do you get this information.

Or do you need a demonstration

Roses are red

Violates are corney

When I think of you

Ooh baby I get horney,

Eat me,

Beat me,

Bite me,

Blow me,

Suck me,

Fuck me,

Very slowly,

If you kiss me

Don't be sassy,

Use your tongue

And make it nasty !