Face the truth: by Celtic moon

I think I'm in love with you, plain and smile.

You may think it's a crush, but what would you know?

Unaware that you're the first and last thought of the day.

Unaware that my heart quivers.

Standing next to you, my world falls apart.

I wouldn't cry, for I have no tears left to shed.

The look you've given me is so confusing.

What goes on in that mind of yours?

I give you my tenderness, but you turn it away.

Unprepared for the "real deal" is what I'd say.

You turn it away wishing to be that boy I once knew you as.

Sigh, here we go again.

I would give the world if I could, but would that be enough?

What would I have to do, just to spin one day with you?

What would I have to say, for just this one time to have my way?

What would I have to give, for this love to live?