She smiled and hugged him again, telling him goodbye. She ran out of his room and began to head over to Adam's dorm when she heard cheering from the football field. She forgot there was a game that night, and decided to go there instead. She found Sam in the spot they usually sat in, and sat down next to her. Sam looked confused when she looked over and saw that Laura had a smile that covered her entire face.

"What are you so happy about?" Sam asked.

"Eric and I just ended things; I'm going to talk to Adam tonight."

"Oh, thank god. As much as I want to kick Adam's ass for what he did, you have to be together. I mean, I was happy for you that you were with Eric, but you're Adam and Laura, it's never going to end. Was Eric upset?"

"No, he could tell I've been thinking about him, and I have been, so much."

"I'm glad he understood."

"Yeah me too."

Laura smiled as she watched Adam play. This was the first game she went to this year, and she had missed it so much. As the game got closer to being over, Laura could barely hold it all in. She was so anxious to talk to him, and wished the game would just end. Finally, it was the last five minutes of the game, and Adam was about to make what would be the winning play. He threw the ball, and as soon as it left his hand, he was tackled. Everyone shuttered as he fell to the ground because the hit was hard, but no one thought anything of it. Laura's smile disappeared as she noticed he wasn't getting up, and was barely moving. The coach ran out to the field, and the players crowded around him, causing her view of him to be blocked. Her heart sank as they brought out a stretcher and carried him off, taking him out of the arena. She got up as she saw Joe following the stretcher and she ran outside to meet them. She was too late; the ambulance pulled away and she saw Joe standing with the coach outside the main entrance.

"Joe!" She called as she ran over to him. "What's wrong?"

"We don't know." He said wrapping his arm around her.

"Was he breathing?"

"Yeah, but we don't know what kinds of injuries he has. Weren't you supposed to be with Eric tonight?"

"We broke up; Sam will explain it to you later. I have to find a way to get to the hospital."

"Wait, are you Laura?" The coach asked.


"Adam talks about you all the time."

"Hey coach, is there any way you can drive her to the hospital?" Joe asked with his arm still around her. He could feel her shaking, and knew that she had to go make sure Adam was alright before she would be able to calm down.

"Of course, Joe, take over for the last few minutes. We've got the game won anyway." Joe ran back into the arena as the coach and Laura ran to his car. They got in and he started driving towards the hospital. She opened the window to get fresh air, and felt like she couldn't breathe.

"Thank you so much." She said. "This means so much to me."

"He still loves you, you know. Seeing you there will make him so happy."

After getting stuck in traffic for almost an hour, they finally arrived at the hospital. She was extremely shaken up, and the coach went in with her. They went up to the desk in the emergency room, desperate to find out how he was.

"Hi, we're looking for information on Adam Lawrence; he came in a little while ago." The coach said to the nurse.

"I'm sorry; we can't give out information at this time unless you're immediate family."

"This is his fiancé." The coach said. Laura looked at him strangely, but was thankful that he was doing this for her.

"We still can't give out any information."

"Look, his family is in Massachusetts, she's the closest to family you're going to get."

"Alright." The nurse said, giving in. "He's in surgery right now, but they don't know the extent of his injuries. We do know that his right leg is broken in two places, and he might also have internal bleeding, but we're not sure yet."

"Oh god." Laura said as she started to cry.

The coach took her over and sat her down, and began filling out forms for her. The nurse brought her a cup of water and she sipped it slowly. The cool liquid felt good in her throat, and started to make her feel a little less sick to her stomach. About an hour later, the doctor came out and talked to the nurse, who pointed over to Laura. He walked over and she and the coach both looked up at him.

"You're Adam Lawrence's fiancé, correct?"

"Yes." She said wearily.

"He's doing well, luckily, the only injury was in his leg, but he won't be able to play for the rest of the season. He didn't have any internal bleeding like we first thought, and otherwise he just has a few cuts and bruises from his equipment. He's awake if you would like to go see him."

"Yes, I would." She said getting up.

The doctor led her to the room and she took a deep breath before opening the door. She walked a few feet, and saw Adam lying in bed with his leg in a cast. He had a couple of scratches on his face and bruises on his arms, and she was so saddened to see him like this. He looked so defenseless, and nothing like the Adam she knew. He was looking out the window, and her eyes began to fill up with tears again. As he heard the footsteps, he turned to see who had walked in. He smiled when he saw her, which made her feel so much better.

"You're the last person I thought would be here."

"Coach drove me over. I'd still be stuck at the game, worried sick about you. I'm glad he knew who I was. I have to figure out a way to thank him."

"I do too. And he hears about you a lot."

"That's comforting to hear."

"So how have things been going for you?"

"Okay. What about you?"

"Except for turning into an ass hole, and having this deserved broken leg, I'm okay."

"You're not an ass hole, and the broken leg was definitely not deserved."

"You're too forgiving. So how are things going with Eric?"

"Well, I was hoping you'd ask. I ended things tonight."

"How come?" He asked. She walked closer and sat next to him on the bed, looking into his beautiful brown eyes. As she spoke, her hands gently traced the small cuts on his face.

"Because ever since we started dating, I've had someone else in the back of my mind; someone that I still love more than I ever thought possible. Someone I was hoping I could be with again." He looked away.

"You don't want me back, how could you after what I did? I don't know what came over me; I wasn't thinking about anyone else but me, and now I realize that I hurt you so much. Joe told me what happened to you that day, and I could never forgive myself for being the cause of all that pain. I acted like such an idiot; I gave up the only thing that's ever made me happy. You should hate me after all I've done. You saw me at the club with that girl, I've ignored you the whole time we've been back here, and I can't even begin to wonder why you came here to see me."

"I'm here to see you because I care about you. And everything you did; I don't care about any of that, Adam. You would think I would, but I don't. Everyone makes mistakes, and at the time, I'm sure you thought that what you were doing was the best choice."

"I was just so afraid of losing you, and because of my ignorance, I almost did."

"Exactly, almost. Adam, I knew this before, but now I know for sure that you're the only person I ever want to be with. It's always been you, it will always be you."

He took her hand and held it, and was so comforted by her touch. He began to say something but was interrupted when the phone rang. Laura answered it since it was out of his reach, and she brought the receiver up to her ear.



"Yes, Mrs. Lawrence?"

"Yes, oh my god, is Adam okay?"

"Yeah, but his leg is broken. He won't be able to play for the rest of the season."

"Oh no, he must be so upset. But I guess you being there is good for him. How is that going?"

"Well, I think we're getting back together, but we haven't talked about it yet." She said smiling at Adam.

"Put me on with him." Laura handed the phone to him and he immediately had to hold it away from his ear. "Now listen Adam, I'm sorry you broke your leg, but don't mess it up with her! She is the best thing that's ever happened to you, so for God's sake, don't lose her again."

"I won't mom, she's too beautiful." He smiled at her again and he spent the next twenty minutes talking to the rest of his family. When he got off the phone, she had gone to get something to drink. He laid there waiting for her to come back, and finally, she walked in the room. He moved over a little on the hospital bed, and he motioned for her to lie down next to him. She did, and put her hand on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and they both sighed.

"I forgot how good this felt." He said. She buried her head in his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"You didn't get a shower, did you?"

"No, unfortunately."

"Because even after sweating so much during the game, you still smell good."

"Well I guess then I should wait to shower for a couple of days after each game."

"No, that's not what I was suggesting." He laughed and kissed her forehead. "So we didn't get a chance to talk about it before, do you want to get back together?"

"Nothing would make me happier, Laura. And I promise I will work on being more secure. Even if I have to have Joe beat the crap out of me; whatever gets it done, I'll do it."

"I don't know if that's good or bad, but I'll take it. I love you so much."

"I love you too Laura."

She leaned up and kissed him, and it felt so good to feel her lips against his again. She had missed it so much and she could tell he had too. A few minutes later, Laura quietly fell asleep next to him. The nurse came in and whispered to Adam that visiting hours were over, but he convinced her to let Laura stay the night. The nurse smiled, and closed the door behind her. Adam smiled as he saw the moonlight shining in on them, and now knew to remember times like these. He fell asleep a little while later, and they both slept peacefully until the next morning. It was around ten when they woke up and heard voices in the room. They wearily opened their eyes to see Joe and Sam sitting by the window.

"Oh my god, it's so good to see you guys." Laura said as she got up and hugged them.

"Please tell me you're back together." Sam said quietly. Laura went back over to Adam and kissed him.

"Yeah." She said smiling. Joe walked over next to Adam and just stood there for a minute.

"Don't screw this up again man." He said.

"I won't Joe, and I'm sorry I was such an ass to you."

"It's okay, as long as my roommate is back."

They did the little handshake that they made up in high school, and Laura was so happy things were back to normal. They spent about an hour at the hospital, and they took Laura back to the dorms to freshen up. Adam's friends and teammates came in and out, and he was so happy to have so many visitors. Laura had called a little while later saying she was on her way again, when someone walked into the room. Adam was in shock when he realized who it was.