it's you
I cannot find any words
To tell you
So why are you here?
You're torturing me
Please, please go away
Leave me in peace
why don't you?

it's you
It's you who insists on
Leaving me this way
How could I let you do it
Doesn't make any sense
Doesn't follow
Can't exist
so why does it?
and why can't you tell me?

it's you
You're not welcome here
You always were
You'll never be again
Because it looks like you don't care,
don't need to come in
don't need to speak, well
That's fine with me ..

So take your things and go
Clean everything out of here
The pictures
The memories
The laugher
The sweet dreams

How odd
The day after I prayed to always know you
I find I can't remember
Happiness no more
And I find it doesn't matter
Doesn't matter
One bit
To me
At all

it's you
You just had to surround me
In everything I did
Well I can't take it anymore
So get out
and go away
and please leave me alone forever
Life has left my soul
and so can you