heavenly daze

to end up here,
next to you,
is a kind of Eden.

here, where the nights are warm
despite the snow,
and the darkness feels so bright.
the moon crawls across
a web of silver stars,
bathing us with a milky effervescence.

i sigh and you smile.

winter's tranquility is all around,
but here,
here, we are safe.
safe from shadows of the haunting past
and fears of an impending future.

for on this winter evening,
we sit,
at a place where no roads lead.

and time stops.

note: i am aware that the title has little to nothing to do with the actual poem; this was supposed to be an imitation of sharon olds' poem, 'sleep suite'. (sleep suite... sleep sweet. get it?! fwahah.) but considering the fact that me and free verse don't usually mix, i thought this was a rare achievement.