The wound of the damned


Son Of Evil

Bitten long ago

A wound that will not heal

A wound she will not show

A wound she will ever feel

A wound worst of them all

A wound that forces her to answer the full moons call

Changing silky skin into soft fur

And when she is turned

Her instincts rage free

She has learned what it is to see the eyes of the dying

Filled with fear

On the ground lying

Because a werewolf is here

As the moon is no more

She wakes alone in the wood

The reality shakes her to the core

She lies naked where a monster stood

She shudders at the thought

She shudders at her deeds

For it is death she has brought

Now all she needs

Is a sharp knife

To cut her wrists

She's tired of life

As she cuts she clenches her fists..