Star Of Sorcery

Meet The Players

Fifteen-year-old Daniel Satchas couldn't wait for the coming day, too excited to sit still, he paced around his room. Tomorrow he would be going to the Brightstar Academy, the best school for anything you wanted to learn, though what it was best known for was its technology-and Sorcery.

His parents, who were nearly never at home, had decided to send him to the Brightstar Academy because they thought it would be a great opportunity for learning as well as the fact that they knew he'd always wanted to learn the advanced things in Sorcery that only actual 'players' of the 'game' knew. It was also a chance for Daniel to meet more people, instead of rattling around by himself in a three-story house.

At that thought Dan sighed, looking out the window of his room at the glittering crystal dome of the main building at the academy, his unusual amber eyes dark with thought. He was glad his parents had decided to let him go, but he wished they would spend more time at home. For as long as he could remember they had always been too busy to stay home for long, they were always off on trips and the like. They'd tried their best to do what they thought would be best for him, but it was lonely.


"Tomorrow's the day," Jay remarked from his chair in front of the computer. Jay Lin was what Irene, or Falcon, as she preferred to be called, a techno freak. The kind of person that's always glued to a computer screen or examining some new piece of electronic equipment.

"Yeah," the tall girl answered, brushing long black hair out of her emerald green eyes as she looked over her friend's shoulder, "So what are you looking at this time?" "The new program for the wilderness survival simulations," Jay replied immediately.

Falcon rolled her eyes, "I'm positive you haven't moved from that chair for since you came back except for meals. First it was checking up on the courses, then it was looking at the newest discoveries, which I can't really argue with, then it was reviewing the last two years of data from our classes, and now it's the simulation program?"

The two best friends had been at the academy for the last two years. Falcon had come because the thrill and intensity of Sorcery battles had drawn her like a magnet. She'd always enjoyed risks and challenges, so it was of to the academy with her. Jay, on the other hand, had come because of his fascination with technology and thirst to learn. The two had met in their first week, when Falcon's fire dragon had nearly burned down the library when trying to help her with her homework, and had been friends ever since.

"I have not!" was Jay's somewhat indignant reply, giving her a mock- glare with twinkling, sky blue eyes.

Falcon shook her head, "I'm going back to my dormitory, it's getting late."


"So this is the Brightstar Academ," Reyen Shaylas said under his breath, dark blue gaze scanning every inch of the complex as he looked down from atop the wall.

His cold eyes returned to the main building. Reyen dropped down from the wall, landing with perfect ease, and strode towards the crystal-domed building, he'd come here to become stronger, and nothing would stand in his way.


Daren Archer fidgeted nervously as he gazed out the car window at the increasingly more crowed environment. He'd lived all his life on the outskirts of Lintria City, where few people lived or visited except when passing through, and now he was being sent to the very center of one of the greatest cities on Mairya.


James Kyte examined the Trooden Warrior Sorcery card in his hand to keep himself calm. He had chosen to come to the academy because Swift had come to him and he wanted to learn how to properly use his cards. After all, Swift was a warrior and wouldn't be happy just sitting around.

A.N. I know this wasn't the most interesting of chapters but I hope it'll get better. I just needed to introduce the main characters. The next chapter may take a while because I'm struggling over how to make everything work out.