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Chapter 1: who is he?


I was back at Aodire High after a long refreshingly boring break of 1 month. It was horrendously boring. There was NOTHING to do here at Corein, a city in the north of Zoren. Endless azure blue skies filled our eyes whenever we stepped out with fluffy white clouds splattered here and there. The heat from the sun mercilessly attacked us leaving us sweaty and just damn HOT. God. how we longed for the water. The gleaming cool waters of the pool.. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, damnit.. why make yourself suffer even more, Careen?! When I said 'we', I meant my friends- Zora, Lyra, Max, Jason and Senda. We were suffering, for god's sake. Firstly, NO MOVIES that were even worth watching were on the screens. Wonderland, the themepark? It was definitely getting boring. waaaay boring. I had been on the rides MILLIONS of times. I was born and raised in Corein - the dullest place on earth. Nothing ever happens. Oh wait, the most latest thing that happened? My old fat hag of a principal had just retired. WOOHOO! Yeah yeah.. some people (I shall not mention who.) were crying. Awwwww. heh.. I, however, was clapping and cheering and needless to say yeah.. crying in pure happiness. Haha.. I received a lot of glares and pained looks from the teachers but. hell, did I care? I bet their faces were rather twisted from the pain of laughing and cheering too much because of her retirement. Retirement.. my favourite word last month.. thanks to you-know-who.. I slumped in my desk, waiting for my friends to arrive.

"BANG! Hey Careen! WAKE UP!" I looked up, growling menacingly.. ready to hit at the person who woke me up from my beauty sleep on my lovely messed- up desk. Hey.. a girl's got to have her sleep, you know. I raised my fist. Got ready to punch the idiot in his face and.. stopped. In mid-air. It was my friend - Senda. I flung my arms around her neck and hugged her. " What took you so freaking long to come? I am practically half-dead waiting for you." I exclaimed. My mood had definitely improved. "Hey, hey.. Calm down. It's not as if we didn't see each other during the holidays.." She plopped down on the seat next to mine and began telling about this new guy she met on holidays. " He is sooooo cute.. ahhhh." well, you get the idea.. Strangely enough, I never met anyone, guy or girl, whom I actually liked in that way. Call me weird. Do I care?

By the time the teacher came to class, everyone had arrived.. We were in fact, teasing Max. A totally nice guy who blushes sooo easily it was amusing to watch. "So, how was your day with that girl, er.. that pretty girl with shiny dark hair which trailed down her back?" Zora asked, a teasing glint in her eyes. Max's immediate response? A hot red flush travelled from his neck up to his cheeks. We burst out in laughter but were silenced reluctantly as the sharp piercing sound of metal striking metal filled the air. I cringed and look towards its source. OOPS. I didn't realise that the teacher had apparently appeared.(this obviously shows how much I pay attention in class. ;p.) He was annoying me. Rapping the damn freaking metal ruler against another. I HATED that noise. What's his problem anyway? Won't a simple " Settle down, class" do? Humph. We gradually settled down anyway.

"Class, I'd like to introduce you to a new classmate of yours who had just transferred from Cerada, the city in the south of Zoren. I looked up in anticipation. Being a native of Corein I was almost completely CLUELESS of the world I was living in. In other words, ignorant. I started bouncing in my seat as the dark mahogany door creaked open slowly. BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. I fell abruptly, crashing onto the floor. A guy, about my age - 17 years of age walked in, rather hesitantly, nervously looking around the classroom.

His hair was black. Jet black. Raven black. Thick, shiny and yeah, glossy. As if he'd just stepped off a magazine cover. It was layered and showed the different lengths of the hair and long enough to just graze his shoulders. Pale full pink lips hardly contrasted to the ghastly white fair skin on his face. It was pale. Almost white. I blinked and wondered what it'll be like to touch his skin. STOP THAT, I told myself, shaking my head as I and the rest of the class gawked at him. His uniform, the standard black shirt and black trousers seemed as if they had been made of silk, shining in the florescent white light of the classroom lamps. Long thick black eyelashes opened to reveal his eyes. His eyes. They were - there were no better word for it- blood-red. It was like rich red wine. I could almost drown in them. I shook my head again to get out of my fanciful reverie. He stepped in, almost shyly towards the teacher in long fast strides. "Class, say hello to Darius Frost." We mumbled an almost inaudible "hello" as we stared at him. He was different all right. most of us had acquired a tanned, bronze skin during the holidays and were in fact, comparing their skin colour.. but him? He was white.. he made a statement. White brought another meaning to it.. death. Not just purity, but death. Deathly pale. Where had that come from? I shook my head again.

Darius was assigned a seat in front of me. It was all I could do to strain my eyes and keep it away from his head.

*-*-*-Darius POV*-*-*-

As I entered the room I felt EVERYONE's eyes on me. Locked on me. As if I were a target, ready for them to shoot. I felt, naked. Literally. WHY did they have to do that? I walked to myu seat, slowly. I could hear my footsteps echo. what kind of a class WAS this anyway? Stare stare stare. that was all they knew how to do. Hah.. what kind of a welcome was this? I plopped down in my seat in front of this girl, gawking at me. I cringed inwardly. I didn't know what to expect.. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE? So I was different.. I knew that. I had a reason to be. It was the same everywhere. People stared. And stared. And stared. So kill me.. I was different. I knew I was. It haunted me everywhere I go.

END of chapter 1.

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