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Chapter 6: blood ties?


I settled down in my seat comfortably while staring at whatever the teacher was doing on the board. Soon enough, I'd fall asleep, as usual. Nowadays, Mr. Soh just couldn't be bothered with me anymore ever since the last time he questioned me on history. Hah. NOW I was free to daydream.. well, not daydream but just do whatever I wanted to. However, the days DID go pretty monotonous and well, just robotic. It became a routine, damnit. Hell.. it was like : come in, sit down, stand up, greet the teacher, sit down and sleep. Until the next teacher came and it'll repeat all over again. Until the end of the day.

What a great life I lead. At least, it IS better than that damned catholic school for orphans I attended previously. * shudder * they expected you to actually LISTEN in class. God.. I never could stand it. Hell.. that just explained why I gathered up the nerve to run away. 5 frigging times. The first 4 were not so successful. But hey, even scientists make mistakes.. Let's just say they were EXPERIMENTS. The 5th? It IS pretty obvious that I made it on the 5th try thanks to some lucky star following me or something..Either that or they had given up on chasing me. 3 plump nuns running in those skirts opening up in the wind, showing whatever little they had to show and that THING flapping against their heads were NOT a pretty sight, trust me. I have had enough experience to be an EXPERT on this, damnit. Ah well, at least I DID contribute SOMETHING there. I provided entertainment. Hey, those living there were rather.. let's just put it in a milder way, rather deprived. Heh.

A sharp rapping noise on the wooden door jolted me to reality. Screw whoever it was.. The PRINCIPAL walked in. Oh, the principal, the one all the teachers wanted to psycho the kids into thinking that he's a freaking FRIEND. Their poor innocent minds, wasted at SUCH a young age.. WHAT do they do? Oh, they just end up telling the darn principal their little insignificant sins in school and get punished. How dumb. Well, ANYWAY, back to reality. ( A/N: I tend to get carried away..heh..) As expected, we had to stand up, greet him and sit down.. who started that anyway? That stand up, greet teacher, sit down routine. * shudder *

The principal just announced oh-so-nicely that we have a new classmate. Oh wow. I am so filled with excitement.. I am practically overflowing with anticipation. Yeah yeah, big news. I stared at my table which vandals delighted in, judging from the * ahem * words written , no wait, scratched would be a better word, on this poor plastic table. As I busied myself with reading what was on it, PLENTY of gasps escaped the mouths of my beloved classmates. What was going on? I looked up, and stared. Yes, STARED, like some loony person.

NO way.. okay, I am dreaming.. dreaming dreaming dreaming. What the hell was going on? The azure blue eyes, tinged a slight red, of the new student made its way around the classroom before stopping and locking them with mine. His soft pink lips bloomed into a sickening smile which drove everyone well, the girls anyway, crazy. Whispers filled the air. I, however, was oblivious to whatever was going on around me. What the hell was HE doing here? His sandy blond hair, beautifully sculpted by the light breeze in the air and the well-toned body was exactly the same as I had last seen him. Exactly the same as I remembered. Damnit.. was the whole world against me or what?

*~*~*~ After school *~*~*~

As soon as the darn school bell rang, the sound echoing down the school's corridors, I gathered my books as quickly as I possibly could and hastened my footsteps down the corridor. The whole day was just a dream. I'll wake up soon. Right? I'll just pinch myself and poof! I'll wake up.

* pinch * okay.. so THAT didn't work. But it still didn't mean that I was AWAKE, right? I rushed out of school and towards my run-down little house in the Holden Forest. Soon enough, he fell into step beside me. Containing my frustration, I resisted the growing urge to hit him smack in the face.

Sensing my not-so-well concealed frustration, he laughed lightly, the sound of wind chimes ringing in my ears. " Surprised? "

"What the hell are you doing here, anyway? I TOLD you to stay away from me and get out of my life like a year ago.." my voice died off into nothingness as I recalled the previous incident.

* flash *

" Just get the hell out of my life, damnit. Who the heck are you anyway, to control me? Why should I follow whatever YOU say? Just get out. Stay away, damnit. You'll never have a hold over me ever again. "

* flash *

yeah.. I remembered it. As crystal-clear as ever. As if it had just happened yesterday.

*~*~*~ Careen's POV *~*~*~

Being that horrendously curious person that I am, I'm proud to add that I tailed Darius back to the Holden Forest. Actually, I just wanted to find out more about him. He DID look rather shocked to see the new student.. but WHY? Yes, being the concerned classmate that I am, I shall look worried and -

Huh? The new guy's here too? Now they're walking together.. the guilt that I had so painstakingly tried to conceal burst out, consuming me. What should I do? I mean, it wasn't nice to eavesdrop, was it? Besides, they did look as if they were having a private conversation.. A grin spread over my face.. the details of the conversation would be juicier that way.. that little insignificant sense of guilt I felt? It died off. Or perhaps, was crushed into nothing when I crept stealthily forward, inching slowly towards them. Man.. I was SUCH a bad person..

*~*~*~ Darius's POV *~*~*~

" Darius, Darius, you're still the same as ever, aren't you? The same stubborn impudent brat I knew from long ago."

" Shut the hell up. You don't know a thing about me." Who was he to talk about me like that, anyway. What did HE know? I snarled and launched my fist at him in a full blow, venting all my frustration out on that single blow.

" You're getting soft, Darius. Do you REALLY think you can beat me? Keep in mind that I'm stronger than should have already learnt that by now but maybe spending one year away from me caused some little thing in your twisted mind to convince yourself that you are not what you are. Don't even bother thinking about running away from it. " He ducked the blow and countered it, his own fist connecting with my jaw and his knee finding its way to my stomach.

" Anyway, that isn't the reason why I'm here. I'm just here to remind you about the upcoming showdown or the meeting or whatever you'd like to call it. And, ultimately, that little 'choice' you have to make." He continued, undaunted by the fact that I had nearly collapsed on the ground.

I paused momentarily. He WAS right. I did have a choice to make on my 18th birthday which was in a few months time. It would change my life forever. That little pause of mine caused me more unnecessary pain as he took advantage of it and once again, I flew backwards, my spine connecting with the bark of a tree due to the impact of his blow. He was right after all. He WAS stronger than I was. Much more.

" Oh, by the way, about that showdown thing, do you remember that girl with bright emerald eyes and thick wavy auburn hair? She's involved in it, you know. " He continued, a glint in his eyes. Something - it was unreadable - crossed his handsome features.

" WHAT? Stay away from her, damnit. Haven't you ruined enough lives as it is?" I didn't want anyone else to get involved in this. What's the point, anyway? It'll only bring more trouble for me.

" Oh? Since when were you worried about anyone? And, by the way, I can't be bothered to count how many lives I've 'ruined' since, it'll be pointless to do so. Let's just say, countless lives then. Back to the subject, doesn't she remind you of somebody?"

" I am NOT worried for her. I just don't want any more unnecessary trouble, that's all.. as for her reminding me of someone.." my voice, once more, faded into the background as I was taken back into my own memories, something I didn't want to happen, like a dead leaf falling inevitably to the ground below.

* flash *

" Noooo! STOP! Get away from me, you .. monster! "

* flash *

Now I remembered. She, or rather, someone else that bore similar features as her, was the first person I saw to be attacked by a vampire. Namely, my so-called father. Of course, she didn't live to see a day after. It was expected. How many people could live through the ordeal and survive?

" See? She does look like her, doesn't she?" he asked, a familiar but sickening all-knowing smile spread across his face. Of course he would know, he was there with me when I so foolishly rushed forward to actually try to stop my damn father from removing her from the face of the earth. He was there when I chose my first victim. He was there when I was banished from my family. He was always there.

" Wait - what do you mean that she's involved? Why the hell should she be involved in this?" If I had expected an answer, I would have been disappointed. He never answered me unless he felt like doing so. That cold- blooded bastard.

" Heh. Why should I let anything out? See you in school," He replied. With a careless wave of his hand, he turned and started to walk off, "dear brother."


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