Life Beyond These Walls

A leg thrown out,
A kid fal'n down.
You ask what its about,
You glance at the clown,

That helped him to fall.
Contempt in your eyes,
as his victim stands tall.
You know he'll not cry.

He proves himself strong,
He'll study and do well.
His torment may seem long,
But he knows not to dwell.

On those who play first,
And mock studious ways.
Their bubble will be burst.
He remembers one thing always.

His torment will come to an end,
So have fun; play all day.
For you see, my friend,
You'll work for him someday.

Something that came to me when I visited my old high school.
Half inspired by Lady Meriadoc's "Are You"
The other half came from the only cheer my school can give at games:
"It's all right, It's okay, You'll work for us some day."
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