Early Morning Sunrise
The sky erupts into color,
as the sun peeks over the snow capped mountains.
The warm sunlight flows into the valley below,
shedding light upon the open fields.
Life begins, as the dew settles,
gently on the petals of the blooming flowers.
I step out into the early morning light.
My feet sink into the damp, lush grass.

I am in awe at the scene before me.
The sunrise has beauty beyond words.
Pinks, Whites, and Purples
all blend in the sky with a heavenly glow.
I take a deep breath of the moist early air,
its so clean and fresh.
Birds wake, and shake off the dew
that had settled on their soft, delicate wings.
They begin to chirp happily, greeting the day.
I would have to say,
God was so very wise
to make the early morning sunrise.