AN: This is a poem/song on Saer, the Island of Lost Souls. Where it mentions all that about disturbance and forbidden power, I'm talking about the Ghost Cats . . . I've made a few adjustments. This poem/song does rhyme, just last time I made a mistake in posting and each stansa turned into one long sentence . . .

Island of Lost Souls

Far out in the ocean

Is an island veiled by mist

A fog that never blows away

Where nothing can exist

Haunted by the ghosts of time

This isle lies all alone

The living have all fled the land

And all the joy has flown

Death hangs thick upon the air

Reminder of all the world has lost

Despair dark upon the breeze

The air ever cold with frost

Here along these empty shores

Wander souls of times long gone

Phantoms of the tragic past

Reign of sad and hopeless song

Awaken echoes of pain and death

The agony of loss

Bring weariness of heart and soul

Regardless what the cost

Where the living never venture

Where the powers never go

A place of barren rocks and trees

Where rivers do not flow

Upon the cliffs of sunlit stones

Stands a city deep in sleep

Guarded by the eyes of hate

Creatures from the Deeps

Stirred from their eternal rest

Balance was their key

Forbidden powers now unleashed

Through fire, earth, and sea

A curse was laid upon those

Who tampered with the sacred arts

The land was cast in shadows

And from the world forever part

Yet one was left to sing the song

One to hold the tale

So one day in the times to come

The myth can be unveiled

Nine shall come to free the trapped

Nine to lock the magic doors

Nine to enchant the sacred seal

Nine to make the spirits soar

Bring the land back out of night

From the darkness into light

Songs from myths and legends old

Through the mists of things untold

Only then shall things return

To what they once had been

Yet never forget the lessons taught

By all that you have seen

For what was done was something

That was never meant to be

And if ever it is done again

Be punished by the sea