She ran down the dark streets, her house becoming further and further away. She didn't feel the hard rain hitting her face. She didn't notice the car that had almost hit her when she darted out in front of it. She didn't hear when the driver cursed at her, nor did she slow down. Anyone who saw her would think she was crazy. Not that any sane person would be walking around her neighbourhood at three in the morning. Her neighbourhood was not one of the best. In fact it was one of the worst in her small town. She never stopped running until she got to her destination. Whenever something stressful happened in her life she liked to come to the beach. Except she didn't go that often since the beach was on the other side of town but she was determined to go that night. Out of breath she rested against a tree to catch her breath. There were woods and beyond that was the beach. She closed her eyes and remembered the scene in her house earlier that had made her run.

She walked in the front door and was instantly on the ground. She gingerly touched her nose and when she pulled back her hand it had her own crimson blood on it. She looked up and her mother towered over her.

"Where have you been?" Her mother screamed.

Cursing under her breath, she rose off the floor. "I was at practice."

When her mother just started at her she continued. "Basketball practice? At the school? You signed the consent form.

"I did no such thing." Her mother's breath reeking of cheap alcohol.

"Of course you did or the wouldn't have let me play."

Her mother's nostrils flared.

"Shit, I should not have said that." She thought.

Her mother slapped her hard. Her head swung back and she heard a loud crack. For a moment nothing happened but when the pain came, it came in a large amount.

"You—you broke my nose!" She exclaimed, realizing what the crack was.

She was jerked out of her painful memory when a large hand was placed over her mouth. She tried to scream but found it impossible. She swung her left arm backwards and it connected with the man's head, painfully she hoped. His grip on her loosened for a few seconds but not long enough for her to escape.

"Listen up bitch." He whispered roughly into her ear. "Behave and maybe you'll live."