Heart Of The Dragon

Forever Lost

Her mother's large, warm, bright red nose nudged her gently to wake her up. She opened large, glowing, emerald eyes to pear curiously up at her mother. Deep violet eyes looked back into hers, filled with warmth and the knowledge of centuries. "Come Songwind," her deep, melodic voice reverberated through the very stone on which they lay, "we're going outside for a while." Not having learned to speak yet, either by thought or by mouth, the little dragonet simply squealed her delight and dashed out of the cave into the meadow beyond.


Rubyflame lay in the cave entrance, watching her hatchling prance through the sunlit grass, flapping nearly fully developed wings, and having the time of her life. The day was perfect. The sun, glowed high in a cloudless sky, enveloping the world in its warm, golden light. The birds were singing for the pure joy of it and a gentle breeze rustled through the lush green leaves of the surrounding forest, the rustling they caused was a soothing aria. Nothing disturbed the harmony of the land. Rubyflame was jolted out of her half doze by the distant sound of many feet trampling though the foliage on the forest floor. She had heard that sound were coming! "Songwind," she called, the urgency in her voice brought the little one back almost immediately. Rubyflame herded her hatchling back into the darkness and concealment of their cave. Then she looked down at the young dragon, once bright purple eyes were now dark with sorrow and fear. She knew she couldn't fight them off, not while keeping her daughter safe. But there was a way. Giving the hatchling, her greatest joy in life, one final nuzzle, she began to chant one of the most powerful spells she knew. It was in the ancient tongue of her people, a blend of emotion, intonation, melody, and power. She knew this spell would deplete her strength by a great deal, but it was the only way to keep Songwind safe, whatever the cost, it didn't matter, as long as her hatchling was safe. A soft, white glow surrounded Songwind, making her look as if her red-gold scales had been dusted with silver powder. She cocked her head inquisitively as the light grew brigher. "Stay here," Rubyflame whispered, trying to keep the panic out of her voice, sending reassurance she didn't feel to Song, "I'll be right I can." She took one last look at Song before turning towards the entrance. It would take some time for the spell to be complete, she only hoped she could keep the hunters occupied until it was complete.


Darson Cooper looked upon the form of the magnificent creature whose eyes would never open to see the world again. He knew for a fact that dragons weren't the spiteful creatures Jerold Hunter said they were, but everyone else in the village agreed with Jerold and had sent this regiment to get rid of the 'menace' in the forest. Darson thought is was wrong to do such a thing, but no one believed him. "There's something else in the cave!" John Carlison shouted from within the cavern.


Before them, crouching in a corner of the cavern, was a girl. She looked to be about nine or twelve, with large, luminous green eyes and shoulder length, coppery hair. She wore a tong tunic and pants, both of a shiny, smooth material that glimmered in red-gold ripples when she moved. She would have been pretty if she hadn't been in a defensive crouch, lips curled back in a ferocious snarl.

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