Again, you held me inside you
The pain that was yours caress my flesh
We become one, binded by hatred
Together we are better:
Two deadly dragons forged in fire

Perhaps it is destiny,
I pull my sword and disappate
You cry out, disillusioned
My breath is not at your neck, whispering the secrets
You are useless and bleeding

I nibble at your neurons, a rare delicatsy
Your mind twitches and skips beats
You believed in me, but I am a different woman
Your body can not be as strong as my needs
You shout and sob with all the seductions of a child

And it ends, our hair tangled, minds blurred
Your back scarred from my nails, the blood split
Perhaps that will plurge you
Desire dances teasingly in your mind
With my game played, I leave: Sweetie isn't home anymore