New Tricks

Tom was walking home on a brisk fall afternoon, it was kind of foggy out but that didn't bother him. Tom was a blond-haired boy and his hair was down to his ears. He had blue eyes and he was very skinny for his age, fourteen. He had a few friends, not the most popular guy in school, but with his nice personality he had good friends. As Tom was walking home he heard footsteps behind him, he turned around to find nothing. "Hmm, it must have been my imagination," he said and started the pace again.

When Tom reached his house he walked in and turned on the TV. He surfed around the channels "There's nothing on!" he groaned and forced himself to watch the news.
"In recent news a pair of hypnotists has escaped from the county jail. They are said to hypnotize people to perform murders or robberies. Be careful to avoid these men," the newsman said.
Tom turned the TV off.
"I'm not afraid of them!" Tom said bravely.
"Sure you aren't," his older sister Susie said sarcastically from behind him.
"I'm not and I'll prove it!" Tom argued back.
"Oh really, well tomorrow's Halloween, I'm sure they'll be out then and we're both not going trick-or-treating anyway," Susie started to suggest.
"At seven o clock we'll go look for them!" Tom finished for her.

At seven o clock Susie and Tom went to get ready "Where are you two kids going?" Susie and Tom's father asked. He was fumbling with his reading glasses. Tom was getting his coat on.
"Just for a walk," Tom answered.
"OK, be back before dark, and look out for those escaped criminals. I heard their around the area, don't go to far away now." Tom's father advised.
"Don't worry dad we won't" Susie said as she pushed Tom out the door.

They both sauntered down the sidewalk. On the way they passed some young trick-or-treaters but paid little attention to them. Tom didn't know where exactly Susie was going; he just thought this whole search would end when they walked around the block back to their house. "There are probably no criminals around here any way," Tom thought. They walked until they found themselves at the Maple farm, it seemed like it had been hours to Tom, but only five minutes passed. "Look! Over there!" Susie gasped.
"I-I think I saw someone run into the corn field"
"You think?"
"Come on lets go see what it was!" Susie grabbed Tom's arm and ran into the cornfield.
"Lets spilt up, we'll cover more ground that way" Susie suggested.
"Ok" Tom agreed.
"Yell if you get scared"
"I won't!"

Tom strutted through the field of corn, constantly bending corn stalks out of his way. "I'll show her, I'm not afraid of them!" Tom stated.
"HELP ME!" Someone shouted.
"Who was that…. SUSIE!" he ran to his sister's rescue. As Tom ran though the cornfield he heard Susie again, "Help me! Help me!" Tom followed the voice until he came to a clearing in the field.

Tom turned left and saw that Susie was standing with two men. One had on over-alls and a red shirt and was also wearing a butterfly pin. The other was wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans and on his right hand he wore one white glove.

"W- who are you, get away from my sister!" Tom yelled at the suspicious men. They both had large grins on their faces.
"I think your sister's happier with us, she helped us get you here," the man with over-alls said still grinning. "We taught her some new tricks." Tom then realized that these men were the escaped hypnotists and they had hypnotized his sister!
"No! Susie come on this is all just a trick for Halloween, right?"
"Too bad, not this time Tom"
The man with the white shirt grabbed him before Tom had the courage to run, Tom screamed in horror as he tried to break free of the man's grasp.
"Looks like you're not so brave as you thought" Susie said evilly. The man with the over-alls took a knife out of his pocket and Tom took his last breath.