Author's note: Let's just say I was inspired by some of Kyo's lyrics and the dren going on in my own life. I was trying to write lyrics since that has become my appointed job in our band it seems; yep, me and cour got stuck with it...She doesn't know that yet though. XD Anyway, R&R so I can know it's bad and will spare you people the headaches of having to read more things like this. And I just realized my A/N is longer than the 'thing' itself.

Thrown away friends love laughter and life
Taken without asking
Killed more than my fair share
Shrugged away the pain
Time passed quickly and things change
I miss my forgotten memories
Laughter filled tears ring with delight when
Darkness takes away all feeling.

Never will i leave my dead heart
It won't keep me alive
But the poison left there will sustain me
Till dawn
And the suns harsh rays will burn away
The pain of us.

Never will I look back now that I've had a taste
Of sin.