*~*~*~*~Hehe! I'm back! Sorry if it took pretty long to upload this one. I
juz happened to find this in one of my files so I decided to put this up
anyway. This is a poem I made since last year when I was head-over-heels
well...you know. Anywayz, I used "she" and "he" coz I was scared someone
might see this poem and ask me straight bout it. Well, this poem used to be
in a notebook, that's why. Hehe! Ok, this' gettin long. Anywayz, here it
is... my supposedly 7th poem!~*~*~*~*
Heart in Peace

The sorrow she has gone through
her sadness and despair
have made her lack the courage
to face another dare.

There were times when she felt better
but she still had the pain.
She knew this was true
and the hardship is sure to remain.

Suddenly from nowhere
someone new came along.
She listened to his words
they were brief but seemed long.

As time passed she felt closer
to the only one she admired.
She learned more about him
nevertheless she was tired.

She never had the nerve
to talk to him one on one.
She wanted to approach him
but her worries were worth a ton.

Now it's almost too late
to be a friend of his.
Soon I hope she'll get the chance
to have her heart in peace.

*~*~*~*~Was it nice? I'm not expecting people to like it a lot coz well, I
made it way months before present so you couldn't really like the things I
made back then. ;p So, okay, I hope to get some feedback from you guyz who
read this, k? And if you do, could you pls review my stories as well? But
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