I was sitting there at our usual table at the Sandwich Hut, Richard to my left if indeed it was the real Richard and not my imagination again, and I was staring at Kerri's breasts again, when the idea came to me. The hot waitress in the tight shorts walked over to the table, checked to see if anyone needed anything else, and placed the bill face down in the center of the table. I watched Kerri pretend to check out the hot waitress's ass. Kerri often pretends to be a lesbian so that Richard and I will stop hitting on her. It doesn't work.

When I saw Richard begin to reach for the bill, I decided to beat him to it, just in case he wasn't really there. I didn't want to get into an argument with a possible figment of my imagination with Kerri sitting across from me, licking her lips while pretending she was daydreaming about hot lesbian sex with the waitress in the tight shorts.

The prescient girl was sitting next to Kerri, and when I moved to pick up the bill she looked deep into my eyes and said simply, "I knew you were going to do that."

Richard buried his head in his hands, trying to restrain himself from lashing out at the prescient girl. Richard didn't believe that she could see the future. His silence only did more to convince me that he wasn't real.

Kerri was done licking her lips, and when she finally made eye contact with me, I grinned and winked at her. I was tempted to lick my lips, but thought that that might be over the top. Kerri rolled her eyes and dove into her purse preparing to offer to pay the tip.

I always sit in the smoking sections of restaurants. I consider myself an avid second-hand smoker, a smoking spectator if you will, a fan. I was looking at the ashtray sitting near the center of our table, as I pulled a crisp new one-dollar bill from my wallet. This is when the idea came to me.

I considered asking Richard for his lighter, but decided against it so that I could avoid the embarrassment should it turn out he wasn't really there. I could just imagine what Kerri would do if she caught me talking to my imagination; I could hear the prescient girl saying, 'I knew you were going to do that.' So I looked at the prescient girl, and before I could ask her for her lighter, she pulled one from her purse and handed it to me. Richard had a very skeptical look on his face. Kerri's face was buried in her pocked mirror while she adjusted her makeup, teasing Richard and I.

Holding the new one-dollar bill in my right hand just above the ashtray, I flicked on the lighter and held the flame to George Washington's face. The prescient girl giggled madly, while Richard stared at me in utter shock. I didn't notice how Kerri reacted because I was overcome with the euphoria that had come over me with this intentional destruction of money.

Immediately, I opened my wallet and burnt all the money I had. The plan was imbedded in my mind. It was so simple. I was dissatisfied with life, looking for adventure, fame, renown. I saw, in a vision that would have made the prescient girl proud, the system grinding to a halt as I convinced everyone to destroy his money. Like an engine without oil, the economy would seize and fall apart.

The prescient girl handed me her own handful of bills and I added them to the blaze. While Kerri coyly adjusted her bra-strap, I explained the details of my plan to her and Richard, and everyone else within the restaurant. Like children they all handed me their wallets, the contents of which were added to the great bonfire in the center of the Sandwich Hut floor. Everyone understood my plan; they all saw the need for us to destroy the system. And it felt good.

The prescient girl smiled at me. Her eyes told me that this would all work out fine. Her eyes told me that Richard was in my imagination, that the voices in my head would stop some day, that Kerri would stop pretending to be a lesbian and sleep with me. The prescient girl smiled at me.