There was a little bird, sitting in her cage on the windowsill. She was well-fed, taken care of, and comfortable. She was happy and content. Her owner trusted her very much, and so left open the door to her cage as well as the window in the small room.
Time passed. Each day, the bird looked out the open window. She was bored. The bright sunlight, the colorful flowers outside tempted her. It's not that she was no longer content, you see, but she had begun to wonder. Could there be more, she thought. One day, she decided she had to go. Her heart wanted to see what else there was out there for her. She hopped out of her cage and perched on the windowsill, looking out. As she was about to make that leap out, her owner came in to give her her morning feeding. He asked the little bird if she was going away, and she chirped sadly. Seeing his unhappiness, the little bird no longer wanted to leave. She chirped again and hopped back into her cage, happily accepting the food as her owner left the room. The cage and window, he still left open. After all, her owner was a kind man- he believed he had no right to keep her if she truly wished to leave.
From then on, the little bird snuck outside while her owner was away during the day, and returned at night with him none the wiser.
She was still not happy, however. Having experienced the outside, she wanted that for herself all the time. But she did not want to cause her dear owner pain. After all, he had been good to her for so long.
The little bird suffered her dilemma for weeks, the anguish in her heart growing worse with each passing day. Her owner noticed her becoming listless and withdrawn, and began giving her more attention. This only made her feel worse, however. She knew he cared for her, and yet she wanted to leave.
One morning, her owner came to feed her, their usual morning routine. But much to his dismay, he found the little bird laying dead on the bottom of her cage. He thought she had perhaps caught a chill from the open window, but really, her poor heart could simply bear the pain no longer. Loyalty and love, two emotions that are capable of bringing such joy, had caused the little bird unimaginable pain- pain she was just not strong enough to bear. Death was a blessing for her- an escape from a situation she could not make a decision in.