Hey there, its Raya. I'm just starting out and this isn't even finish it yet! Gimme ideas and your own personal quotes and ill think of making them part of my poem! Enjoy! And Revoew with AN OPEN MIND! If you want to contradict anything written, well hey, that can be another stanza in my poem, so everyone wins!

Just Think -Rayani Lyons (Meredith Nussbaum)

Just think, The future can change With a phone call Or a footstep. For better or worse A second makes A HUGE difference.

Just think, Life is like a river We give, we receive As people die Babies are born But everyone In one way or another Believes in immortality.

Just think, Spelling doesn't count here, But a word written A phrase reused A witty tone kept to another Can throw an "innocent" man Into great trouble.