"Friends Forever"

I took a walk through the forest
To help me clear my head
My poor heart oh, it was loveless
And I just wished I was dead

But as I walked down
I remembered
Of all the things I'd leave behind

And I knew
That I would get through it
And everything would be just fine

Because of friends...
Yeah, because of friends.

I knew that they'd always be there
Through good times, oh, and bad
And I knew that I needn't worry
And I was no longer sad

Cause as I walked down
I remembered
It all came back to me

Of all the things
I'd miss out on
Like love, life and being free

If I did not have friends...
And damn, Lord knows I have them.

And if I just
That I'll never
Be alone
Then there's no doubt
I'll always make it home

Because I have friends.
Yeah, becuase I have friends.
Because I have friends.
Hell Yeah, because I have friends.

~~Dedicated to all my friends in the FF Net Chat. Thanks for being there, guys~~