AN: This is a semi-autobiographical story, based on my sophomore year of high school. Let me know what you think.

By the way… all of these characters are mine.

Someone to Love: Rachel's Story

Prologue: Chance Meeting

He looked up, breathing heavily as he made his final pose with the rest of his ensemble. After the slight smattering of applause had stopped, he wearily made his way back up to the rear of the auditorium. The lights were shining a bit too brightly; it was making him sick. Then again, he was already sick. The room was spinning; his head was throbbing; he could barely stand up; his stomach was not faring well. He could barely notice the next group rehearse. How am I going to do this? They need me; there's no point to the song without me. Jacob had a problem. He realized that when he slumped into a random seat, closing his eyes and leaning against the back of the chair.

The lights flickered, signaling the end of intermission. Hurriedly, Rachel said goodbye to her friends and rushed back to her seat. She couldn't wait to see the next number. She adored the show choir; the guy she liked was in it. Rachel smiled as they came out, praying silently that Jacob would not fall. She knew he wasn't feeling too good.

After the first number, she let out a little bit of the breath she didn't know she was holding. Rachel was still worried, though. This next song would show if Jacob was strong enough to dance when he was this bad.

Rachel's eyes scrutinized Jacob carefully (actually, not too carefully; she decided she needed new contacts because she couldn't see too well) and watched his every move. He was starting to fall out of step with the others. He did his 1½-minute spin okay; well, okay for knowing he was sick. Rachel had almost stopped worrying when the end of the song came and they posed. She gave them a standing ovation (everyone wondered why though) as the choir took their bow and headed offstage. Something wasn't right with Jacob, though.

Jacob couldn't believe it. He had made it through the song. When he was waving goodbye to the audience, though, the dizziness suddenly came back, full force and beyond. He couldn't see straight. His stomach was doing flip-flops. All he wanted to do was sleep... the world was slowly becoming darker... soon, he could see nothing but black.

The loud sound of flesh hitting wood resonated through the auditorium. There was stunned silence for a minute, and then the anguished cry of a young lady.


Everyone turned as a choir member, in her red velvet dress and black concert shoes, ran through the center aisle in an attempt to reach the fallen dancer. Rachel rushed up the stage and knelt before Jacob, stroking his hair, feeling his pale, clammy skin. She noticed that his head was warm... very warm. "Jacob... you have to be okay... you just have to... please wake up, Jacob!"

Other people were making their way up to the stage. The choir director, Mr. Kerner; Jacob's friends; his mother and sister; teachers; they all wanted to see how Jacob was doing. Through it all, Rachel never left Jacob's side. "Is there a doctor in here?" someone called out.

"My mom's a nurse," Rachel told her choir director. "Maybe she can help."

"Please, anything to save Jacob," his mother pleaded. His sister, Leah, nodded in agreement.

Rachel's mother made her way towards the stage and examined Jacob. "Well, he will be okay. He's just overexhausted, dehydrated, and he's got a fever. I think we should take him to the hospital, just in case."

"Are you sure?" Jacob's mother asked.

"It's just to be on the safe side. There's nothing seriously wrong with your son. There's nothing to worry about."

She didn't know how far she was from the truth.