It is a new day, and as I look around,
lifting my tired eyes from the uncaring ground,
risking a glimpse at the surrounding crowd,
'LIVE A LITTLE' I wish to scream aloud,
at the swirling mass, unconscious of the wonder,
by which they are surrounded. Instead, they merely ponder
how their lives could be more. I am always amazed,
at the apathy around me. I hear talk of celebrations crazed,
and of classes impossible, of professors quite insane,
and a number of drinks remarkable. I've heard many complain
that life is quite boring. Yet I've never witnessed an attempt
to escape from the routine they hold in contempt.
Instead they drown their sorrows, seeking solace
amidst the dregs at the bottom of a keg.

A/N: I'm a little frustrated with some people I know.
Okay, before you flame, consider this: I go to the Colorado School of Mines, if you've been there, you'll understand, if you don't, I really don't feel like explaining at the moment, email me, and I might explain why I'm annoyed.