The Girl

The birds chirped ever so quietly
As the girl's tears watered the soil
She struggled to breathe through her sobs
Looking at the red, orange, and golden leaves
As they rustled softly
The icy wind's breath blew on her downcast face
This should have chilled the girl
Her arms bare
Yet the girl felt nothing
She slowly lowered herself onto a log
The yellow mushroom sat beside her
Ever silent
Ever mournful
Comforting her

The girl sat silent
Contemplating life
Wondering what she lived for
Wondering why humans were not like nature
Nature –
So soft, peaceful, calming…
Slowly all the girl's worries
All her anxiety
Floated away
As if being carried off by the wind
Her eyes began to droop
The darkness creeping in
The soft blanket of the Earth surrounded her
Warming the girl's now shivering skin
Her eyes felt as if weighed down by silver
Then she felt herself rising
Slowly rising off the cold, hard Earth

The girl's eyes drifted open
She wondered where she was
There was brightness all around her
Could she have died and gone to Heaven
It would be so much easier if she were in Heaven
With no more sadness
No more worries
No more suffering
No more pain
She would be with those that had gone before her
The girl looked into the faces of her family
A smile crept upon her face
The girl knew she was happy
Even on this cold, miserable world