Not Forgotten

These halls are made of stone
A limestone no one ever thought
Could be the bane of
What I've not forgot.

My heart and head ache
And I wish that I could wake
To find that all of this is
But a dream.

I would get up, go to you
At last my mind could be at ease
I wish to be under the summer sun
Instead of autumn winter freeze.

Even if I close my eyes, when I open them
To no surprise am I still wallowing
In these accursed halls of stone
And I shiver in the air.

If only I could shed a tear.

So many tears came from my eyes
I'm not dried up, but I cannot cry
The world relies on me to stay alive
Though if dying were only crying, I think I'd kill to die.

I am always there for the world
And if I broke down and sobbed
There would be no one there for me
In these cursed halls, surrounded by this mob.

So I can open my dry eyes
Feel the chills in my soul's core
See this dream is all to real
See my heart break on the floor.