Note: This is my first story so please tell me about any problems.


She paced around the tiny room in silence. She couldn't sleep. She hadn't been able to sleep at night for several months. Rest only came when normal people were walking the streets while enjoying the warmth of the sun.. It had been that way ever since the transformation a few months ago. Taking a walk in the middle of the night would be risking in this small town. It was something she wasn't sure she felt like risking this night, but she knew it would calm her nerves to feel a cool breeze. Besides the risk would be minimal if she could make sure no one saw her out past the towns bedtime.

Northwick was a small town. Much like the one she spent most of her time in as a child while living with a foster family. Meg found it comforting when she drove through and decided it would be a great place to hide for a while.

Are they still after me she thought to herself no they would have found me by now.

She was still not clear on what happened to her on that night. It was all just a blur in her head. The only thing she did know was that now she was different. Sweet and innocent little Meg was now and forever something evil. It sickened her to even think of what she had become. The thought of her evil hunger, the thirst made her body convulse in disgust.

A swift case of nausea came over her. She ran to the bathroom dry heaving over the sink. She suddenly realized she would never vomit. It was useless trying what she was could never get sick.

She couldn't stand being in her small motel room anymore. She had to get out. She pulled her silky hair back in a ponytail. Who knew being transformed would give her a perfect body. Meg had to admit to herself that she enjoyed the way her hair always seemed to be perfect even when she had just woke up. Also, she really enjoyed the flawless complexion. Flawless yes, but always perfectly pale.

Since the change Meg had grown to love the night. The feel of the cold night air wiping across her skin some how invigorated her. It was easy to loose her self in this perfect pleasure. If she hadn't been so self involved she would have realized what was coming. But it was to late. They saw her.

Ch 2

She saw the flash of the police cars lights as it pulled up beside her. She stopped running and waited for the heavy police officer to get out of the car. With her transformation her senses had heightened enabling her to know much more than the average person. Even at this distance the alcohol on the officers breath was noticeable. She even had a sense of what he was feeling. No this time it was stronger; she knew what he was thinking. Listening to his thoughts about what he wanted to do to her body made her want to leap at him and rip his throat out. That wasn't Meg's style though. She would take care of him in her own way. It disgusted her to know what he was thinking. A flirty grin swiped across her face as his eyes shot from breast to her mouth.

"What are you doing out so late miss" the fat officer slurred.

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to run off some of my energy."

"Your not from around here are you miss?"

The look on the officers face showed what he wanted her to do to get home peacefully. Something she wasn't willing to do, but she was hungry and it would be easy to trick this plump man.

"No, I am on vacation and I was driving through this town and thought I would stay for a little while."

The two of them stood their and spoke a while while he flirted and bumped against her. Every time he would caress her breast a little to long that instinct to rip is throat out would come back to her. He was soon offering her a ride back to wear she was staying. With a sweet smile Meg readily accepted the invite. She told him that she had been camping in the outskirts of the town. Most likely he wouldn't remember what had happened to him tonight, but just in case she didn't want to leave such an easy trail back to her. When they got to a point she felt acceptably away from any prying eyes she leaned over rubbing herself gently against him. Immediately she could hear his pulse rate jump up. Even if she didn't have this sense she would have known his blood was flowing quickly with the way his pants grew in size. The quickening of his heart would make the feeding go that much easier. Picking up his hand she looked at him hungrily before piercing the skin and drinking of the hot liquid that flowed from his wrist. She drank quickly allowing him to pass out. At this point she stopped liked she had always done. Killing a man was something she never wanted to do even if the hunger told her to do so. The officer would sleep this off not remembering much of the night she was sure. His only problem would be a slight hangover when he awoke.

Soon after, she got out of the car and started walking towards her motel. She felt good after her feeding, but it also sickened her to think of what she had done. That was the part she really hated doing more than anything. As she walked up to the motel she noticed a car that hadn't been there before. She decided to take no notice to it. It would be dawn soon and she would be ready to sleep.

Ch. 3

The chiseled man sat in his room preparing for the coming fight.. He carefully prepared the weapons he would use on these demons. Ever since his first encounter with the demons he had taken on some of their characteristics. They tried to change him but they could not before he fought his way out of their grasp. They were able to give him their strength and heightened senses. It made it easier for him to kill them. The stories about him ran rapid through there world. He was their killer and perhaps the one that would end their survival. They hated and envied him all at the same time. He had all of their strengths and non of their weaknesses. He would never grave the blood of another person and that disgusted them even more. He was a mistake that they never seemed to be able to fix.

Samuel had found him in an alley right after the failed transformation. Sam was rich from his families inheritance. He never had what it took to run his daddies companies so instead he hired people to do so for him. While the worked the days away earning money for him he spent his nights chasing the beast that had killed his mother. Finding Max was the best thing that ever happened to him. With Max's strength and hatred for the beast he was the perfect killing machine. Sam gave him everything he would need to fight the beast, while teaching him their weaknesses. Max was the first mortal that truly scared them.

Sam's sources had told Max to come to this tiny town. There was something big going to happen in this town. A change among the beast. Something about a change in the hierarchy of the demons. That is why Max came to this nothing of a town. He was there to kill all of them.