Ch. 4

Meg entered her small room and lay down on the bed allowing her self to drift away in a deep slumber. That is when she saw him her handsome boyfriend walking with her into some sort of room. She trusted him completely. She could never believe what the old gypsy woman had said about him. His dark hair and brilliant gray eyes had made her fall in love with him instantly She tugged lightly at his arm as he led her around a corner into a room. That is when she woke up from her sleep. Startled and panicking, but she couldn't remember why.

She slowly rolled out of her bed and made her way to the shower. She had been sweating in the night and wanted to clean herself up a bit before she went out. The sun was high in the sky now. Not her favorite time to go out, but a good one to make the locals not worry to much about this stranger. She gently smiled to herself thinking of all the stories that claimed her kind could not go out into the sun. True it stung their eyes more and made them more vulnerable, but mostly it was just myths and fairy tales.

As Meg dressed to leave she found a picture of her boyfriend Scott. In the back of her mind she could almost remember something about him from her sleep. Staring at his picture the memories flowed from when they had been together. She met Scott when she was taking a break from the pretzel store she worked at in the mall. She had been taking a lunch break in a completely packed food court when Scott had walked up to her and asked if he could share her table. She could tell he was a few years older than her but she really wasn't sure how old he was. They talked and she found out that he had just moved there to work for an uncle of his. Almost as soon as they had met they became an inseparable pair. Meg set on that bed a while aching for her lost love. If only they could still be together. Life had been so much easier for her then. She knew where she was going in life. She had been accepted to a nearby university and had been looking forward to going. The picture was carefully placed back into her bag as she finished getting ready and left her small room.

Ch. 5

Max awoke in the late morning. He had only slept for a few hours. He needed to see this town in the day though. It was the only way he could easily map it out without drawing to much suspicion to himself. He got into the shower and washed his sandy hair. The water dripped over his chiseled body making him look even more impressive than he usually did. He walked outside and immediately the sun stung his brilliant blue eyes so he quickly put on his dark shades and jumped into his car.

The car was a gift from Sam. It was black, fast and loaded with all the extras he needed to kill the evil ones. It was an impressive car to look at. People often asked him about it. The car was a bit of a collectors item in itself. It was impressive, but not so impressive that it would stick out that much. Which was a good thing. Something Sam had counted on when he gave the car to Max.

The car roared as it was driven down the small roads in the town. Even at such a slow speed the engine could be heard by everyone. There wasn't much to the town. A small grocery store, a book store and a few other mom and pop shops along the main drive. The town seemed full of those happy looking people that knows every dark and dirty secret about the other one. For a moment the thought crossed Max's mind that Sam had gotten some bad information, but then he realized Sam never got bad information for several reasons. One was Sam had the money to get what he wanted, and two was Sam had the money to get what he wanted out of you. People didn't often cross Sam including Max. Max respected the way Sam dealt with things in all honesty. He kind of admired the balls Sam had to pull off this kind of shit.

Max could already see that he was getting odd looks from the towns people. They truly were suspicious of anyone new around here. Good Max thought at least he would be able to figure out who else was new to the town easily.