Author's Note- Okay, so I lied. I'm probably going to screw with all of your heads who think I won't be updating this final chapter until January 6th, and I'm sorry for that. But it turns out that actually DO have the means to write and connection to the internet to update this time! Yeah! I'm sorry if any of you get lost or confused by this. But please enjoy this final chapter!

Misty Spotts is so stupid. Here she was, ready to conclude this story with a surprising narrator of the final chapter, but she's got no idea what the hell I am going to say. The face behind the canvas? The mind behind it all? Who knew I was so intimidating to the author?

If you haven't noticed yet, I, Nora Ramsey, have been snubbed for the majority of this story. It was meant to be a story about BB Mabayu, the lovely power that gets you through life. I created it. I am the source of such power and happiness (at least I am inside Misty Spotts). Actually, Percy and I made it up years ago together, but I was the main inspiration to Lois, who found her way in life through it.

Though, Misty Spotts became fearful of me. It's common and understandable, I suppose. To fear what you don't understand. To fear things that might open your eyes a little too wide sometimes. I can open Misty Spotts' eyes. She actually becomes Lois Pickins when she starts listening to me.

She can understand Lois a lot more than she can me, and with Nora Ramsey, Miss. Spotts can not even fathom what words about me she would write that could do me any justice and move the readers of this story the same way she was moved herself. She couldn't write my character well enough, so she opted to ignore me for the majority of the time. Not the best choice for an author to choose, huh?

Silly, I think. Since I am still inside Miss. Spotts. If she really wanted to understand me, she is capable of finding out. She underestimates herself, I think. If she really tried, she could conquer even Me.

(Come on, Misty. I dare you!)

Well, that doesn't really matter, anyway. The story wasn't supposed to be about me, though I was supposed to help get BB Mabayu across to everyone. So all of you could understand it too. And be as happy as Misty Spotts was when she became Lois Pickins and wrote this cute little story.

The secret to being happy is easy once you find it. It is simply choosing to be happy. Yeah. The path toward such a realization is long, treacherous, difficult, and so on. Then, you look back and realize it really didn't need to be so hard. Silly. You made it hard. You put irrelevant things as more important than those that really matter. Some obstacles that look so big and dangerous are easily squashed by a strong will, superior intelligence, and confidence in knowing you are truly capable of doing such a noble squashing!

Okay, okay, enough of my rambling. You probably want to know what happened to Lois and Justin, huh? Yes, my sweet little pupils who were here to help me display to you just how cool life can be if you simply put a little faith into Destiny.

Well, Justin grudgingly trudged along with his so called friends to the Alanis Morissette concert that fateful Friday. He felt miserable to be away from Lois, and upset that he was unable to convince her earlier to come with him anyway. That's right. Lois refused, but only to give Justin and all his miserable and hilarious friends the surprise of their life by stepping out onto Alanis Morissette's stage. I was standing back stage with the boys, watching Lois sing her heart out with one of her biggest idols. They sounded great together. In front of those thousands of people. In front of Justin.

The deal had been sealed Tuesday when we had drug Lois away from Justin's amusement park invitation to drive all the way to the city and be Alanis Morissette's personal guests in her hotel suite. We talked for hours and hours with her, which was wonderful. She's another artist who understands inner beauty more than most individuals in the world. God damn. I pale in comparison to that beautiful woman's power. She knows herself. She knows happiness. I must grovel at her feet. I only wish I knew how she is able to do it.

...Sorry. I'm rambling on again.

Anyway, being invited out onto the stage by Alanis Morissette was Lois' big step toward her goal of actually being WORTHY to sing with her again. BB Mabayu the band, is currently talking to people in the industry. Tapes have been handed out. Contracts in the making. The boys will soon have their day in the sun too.

Baby steps toward fame and extending our philosophy to the masses are being made.

And what becomes of Justin? Well, the boy can barely handle himself. He is still in the clutches of youthful immaturity, unable to control that which he so recklessly claimed as his own already. His precious butterfly is quickly changing into a raging, wild horse which his puny little rope can barely hold still. ...A few life lessons and BB Mabayu's divine fingerprint marked on his forehead as a "chosen one" will give him the strength and power to tame and control the beast within Lois' heart. Justin grows up to be a man of immense power, strength, and intelligence. He is destined to conquer many things in his life, but his most precious possession he keeps very close.

Don't get me wrong. Lois' leash is not too short. If it were, the poor beast would suffer. No, she is set free to do as she wishes, to fly across the world, and become the great woman of influence and power she will become in due time. But she knows where her home is, where her master eagerly awaits her return, and she does not disappoint him.

Only with Justin's help does Lois and BB Mabayu succeed. Her eyes are opened to brand new emotions and situations in her life that give her inspiration to write and sing.

And many many adventures await them. Obstacles stand in their way of total bliss together. Jealous boys and girls plot to tear them apart. Fans of both threaten to steal their attention away from the other. Distance from travel. Sex. Mysteries from each other's past come to haunt them. Vacations and traveling to exotic places (very exciting). College. Success. Life not going as planned. As all our lives go, surprises come and force you to switch directions sometimes.

But through all that mess, you should trust that Justin and Lois find their way together. Faith in the power of BB Mabayu keep their minds clear of bullshit. It is a happy ending. Our heroes are happy together and wield the power to stay that way.

I hope you find that power too. Maybe there's a little Me inside you that also gives you the power to conquer life properly. Tell your Nora Ramsey hello for me. I know her well.

~! #$%^&*()_+~! #$%^&*()_+~! #$%^&*()_+

Author's Note- Well, there you have it. My final chapter. This had always been my plan for the ending, but I sure am going to miss this story. I have a ton of projects that are waiting for me to get back to that this story was making me put on hold. But maybe, just maybe, I'll come back to it and write a sequel. Would you guys like that? Would you like to see those obstacles that Lois and Justin overcome together and how they do it? Let me know, okay? I hope you liked it. Please let me know in a review!