In Love's embrace again

[A short and sweet, "fictionalized" love story about the last monarchs of Russia, Nicholas and Alexandra.]

By: Shannon

It was March 1917. Tsar Nicholas II had just abdicated the throne of Russia. His train took him back home from the war front to St. Petersburg. His cheeks lined with tears, his heart filled with love for God, for his wife, and for his family, and his mind filled with anticipation.

He gazed out of the window, watching the snow fall gently upon the Russian lands. Oh how he remembered taking his wife with him on sleigh rides through St. Petersburg when they were newlyweds. The scent of love for his wife still lingered in his soul as he longed to be with her after all these months at the war front. How he longed to be with his children, the light of his life. How he longed to hear his son tell him, "I love you, Papa."

The train arrived at the station and Nicholas was escorted by car to the palace. The car went through the palace gates, which had the double-headed Romanv coat of arms torn off of it. Nicholas got out of the car and approached the front door. He entered his home, the Winter Palace, only to find that there were soldiers occupying it.

One of the servants said to him, "Your wife is in the children's room, Your majesty."

Nicholas responded, "Thank you, but you shall not refer to me as 'your majesty.' I am no longer Tsar of Russia."

He walked up the steps to the floor where the children's room was. Anticipation flowed through his veins with each step he took. His heart yearned for his wife. "I can't wait to hold her in my arms," Nicholas said to himself as he climbed the steps, trying to wipe away the tears in his eyes.

Meanwhile in the children's room, Alexandra was sitting on a small sofa with her daughters and son with her. She had been crying. Tears were evident in her eyes and her cheeks. A servant had told her that her husband came home. After months of separation, her beloved husband was home. She couldn't wait for him to hold her in his arms, to kiss her, and to tell her how he loved her.

The children longed to see their father; a father who always loved his children and spent time with them. They found out from a servant that he would be home soon. They thanked the Lord God and cried that their prayers have been answered. They hoped to feel their father's love again after he was away for several months at the war front.

Nicholas approached the children's room and almost thought about turning the knob but instead, he knocked at the door, waiting to see his family again. Alexandra put away her knitting tools and answered the door. Her husband was finally home.

"Let's leave Mama and Papa alone," said the son, Alexei, standing up. "They need time for each other." The children filed out of the room.

Nicholas embraced his wife with all his might.

"My wify!" he exclaimed, trying to choke back his tears. "I'm home."

"Nicky!" cried Alexandra. "You're home!"

The two sat down on the sofa. Nicholas placed his head on Alexandra's bosom and sobbed. Alexandra cried along with him as she ran her fingers through his semi-gray hair. The two then looked each other and kissed long and passionately.

Alexandra whispered into her husband's ear. "I love you, Nicky."

"I love you too, sweet Alicky," Nicholas whispered back. "How I missed you all these months. If I waited another day to see you, I don't know if I would make it. When I was away, I'd do anything to be with you, Sweetheart, to be in your arms, to hold you, to kiss your sweet lips, oh, how I longed for you, Darling."

"Nicky, darling Nicky, I couldn't sleep without you. Every night was a lonesome one without you beside me. I cried myself to sleep last night, knowing you may be coming home today."

"Don't worry, my love," said Nicholas. "Your Nicky is home. I'm home for good." They kissed each other passionately.

That night, Alexandra sat up in bed, reading her Bible and examining the wrinkles on her nightgown sleeve as Nicholas put on his pajamas, crawled into bed, and wrote in his diary.

"Dearest Nicky," said Alexandra, putting away her Bible for the night. "Please hold me in your arms tonight, so that I may feel safe and secure. I thank the Lord for bringing you back to me, Nicky, my love."

"Of course, my sweet Alicky," replied Nicholas as he finished writing in his diary and took his wife in his arms. "Oh how it feels good to be near you, to see you, and to hold you tight to my bosom, to look into your beautiful eyes and say, 'I love you.'"

"Good night my beloved husband," whispered Alexandra.

"Good night, my sweet Alicky," said Nicholas.

The two kissed a passionate kiss and fell asleep in each other's arms. After months being away from each other, they were now in Love's embrace.