Author's Note: This was written in response to the homework assigned by v_voltaire in the second issue of the column "Homework". The assignment was to write a 'realistic' dream sequence, i.e., the way dreams really are, random and chaotic.

- Homework: Fanfiction by Vickie211

The text on the monitor blurred. I squeezed my eyes closed, kept them that way for a long moment, then opened them wide. It didn't help much. At one o'clock in the morning, I was propped up in front of my computer working on my next fanfiction. I knew I had to get up and go to work in only a few hours, but I really wanted to finish this paragraph. Even using two thesauruses, uh thesaurusi? Well, even using one thesaurus and then another, I still couldn't find just the right word.

I leaned over and rested my forehead on the mousepad. Maybe if I just closed my eyes and tried to picture the scene, the word would come to me ...

Dried brown grass crunched under my feet. The sun was so bright that much of the scene before me was obscured. I knew I was at a fair, and although I couldn't see them clearly, I sensed that there were carnival rides up ahead. Closer to me, and off to my right, stood a folding table with a collection of manila folders lined up neatly across it.

I found myself standing by the table, holding one of the folders. I understood that I was supposed to read and review the contents. I opened the folder in my hand and tried to make sense of what I saw on the paper, but I couldn't distinguish any of the words. Perhaps the sun was too bright.

I clicked on the manila folder to open the directory. The file I was looking for must be here somewhere. I had already checked all the other folders. I really needed that file. It had all the notes I had made about what was necessary to finish ... what? My story? The project at work? Well whichever it was, I just had to find it.

I looked up from the folder, and peered through the dim grayness at my surroundings. The concrete block walls of the barracks had no adornment that I could see. I couldn't quite figure out where I was. And where were the other people? Maybe in the other room? I blinked, trying to see more clearly, and decided the brighter spot was a window.

The directory structure on the window looked more promising for finding the file I wanted. I still couldn't read the names that were listed. I needed more light ...

I raised my head from the mousepad with a start. Mr. Kitty was standing in front of the monitor trying to get to his favorite spot by the printer. Had I been asleep? Okay, I could take a hint. The paragraph would just have to wait till tomorrow night. Then with a little luck, I might even be able to finish the entire chapter before falling asleep at the computer again. The End

A.N.: To Zelda, if you're reading this. I really do have a cat named Mr. Kitty. That's why I thought it was so funny when you named Giovanni's Persian Mr. Kitty.