Return to Yellowstone Park

This book is filled with different references that makes " Return to Yellowstone Park" full of detail. It makes the book more realistic. Enjoy...

They thought he was dead. Burned to ashes in the fire. But they were singing a different tune on January 13, 1999, the two year anniversery of the death of TJ. They each recieved an email from TJ. But when they arrived at the destination of the invitation they were in for a suprise. A deadly suprise...

Chapter 1: The Email

James Randall, who is now 19 has been mentaly tortured by the memory of TJ for two years now. James has put that behind him now and has started a family. They both had. Kevin had a wife, Joan (from the other stories) and a son, Kyle, and James was engaged to a beautiful woman named Ashten. They had just set a date for there wedding, and James had decided to make Kevin the best man. He got on the computer and got online. He got online and noticed that Kslick, Kevin, was online. So he messaged him and they started to talk. ********************************************************************* SuperJ19: Hey man. Kslick: Hey James SuperJ19: Guess what. we finally set a date Kslick: cool. when? SuperJ19: August 3rd SuperJ19: and... SuperJ19: we want you to be the best man Kslick: wow. what an honor Kslick: sure Ill do it. SuperJ19: do you know what today is? Kslick: no. your birthday? SuperJ19: no SuperJ19: It has been exactly two years...since the "accident" Kslick:oh yeah. I put that behind me a long time ago SuperJ19: well you wanna go celebrate? Kslick: I told you I put that behind me. SuperJ19: no! the wedding! Kslick: oh. ok sure. Ill come pick you up? SuperJ19: ok fine. hold on Kslick: k, i got an email. SuperJ19: yeah me too. _ From: Oldbudy To: Kslick, SuperJ19 Subject: Hey you two - Well, well, well. It looks like you two havent changed a bit. You DO know who this is dont you? Its TJ of course. You didnt actually think that a fire could come in the way of my revenge, did you? Still dont believe me? Well then meet me at the entrance to Yellowstone Park. Yeah, you know where I am talking about. See ya there, boyz.

TJ _ Kslick: James SuperJ19: Sign off and call me Kslick: ok *********************************************************************

Kevin and James both signed off. Kevin picked up the phone. Here is the conversation they had:

Kevin: Hello, James? James: Yeah, Im here. Kevin: Did you read the same thing i read? James: I think so. Is it really him? Kevin: Yeah I think it is. James: So what should we do? Kevin: What should we do?! We both have families. You are engaged to be married. Are you actually planning on going there? James: Yeah, I am. If we dont go after him, then he will come after us. He knew our screen names. He knows where we live. I am going with or without you. With you will be easier, but if you dont want to go Ill go it alone. Kevin: I have done too much to throw it all away now. Im sorry James.

James hung up the phone. He grabbed his gun as Ashten ran up to him. "What are you doing? Where are you going?" Ashten said trying to grab the gun from James. " There is something I have to finish, Ill tell you the whole story when I get back. When I get back. Love you" James kissed Ashten as he walked out the door.

Chapter 2: The Meeting

James got in the car. He started to fasten his seatbelt but decided against it. He started driving. He drove and drove untill he was bout 1/4 of a mile away from the entranc to the park. He walked up, rifle in hand. Looking around trying to find TJ, but he was nowhere to be seen. He reached the entrance. He saw that the gate lock had been sawed off. He thought to himself, 'Wow, TJ came prepared for everything'. He entered the park, looking around. Seeing nothing. Suddendly from out behind him, James heard a noise. He turned around. " Well, well. Look who finally showed up. If it isnt James "Im gonna get married" Randall. I didnt think you would show. Seeing how you and Ashten are getting married soon. Thought you would have more sense then that. But like always, reacting before thinking. At least one of you was smart enough to stay home." " How did you know Kevin wasnt coming?" " I bugged your phone. You didnt think I would come unprepared? Did you?" " Guess not. But how did you know about Ashten?" " Well I have my ways. Now, there is something I think you should know... no never mind, i think it would be more fun to just kill you." James raised his gun quick and shot at TJ>. TJ was still standing. "Huh? Blanks? Im sure that this gun had real bullets in it." James said. TJ picked up his gun and James had no time to defend himself. >> A gunshot, followed by an explosion. Everything went red. James woke up though. He was sprayed with blood but there was no gunshot wound. " Huh? What hap..happened?" James said rubbing his head. " Hey man!" Kevin said. " Kevin? I th.. you said... huh?" James said stumped. " I was just coming prepared. I though TJ might bug the phones so I just showed up. " " Good thing you did. I was a goner. My gun was shooting blanks!" James said giving Kevin a hug. " But what was that explosion? Where did that come from?" James asked. " Good questio..." Another explosion took both Kevin and James out. Death count: 3?

Chapter 3: Suprise

When they woke, they were both tied and gagged in a room. James recognized the room instantly. It was the spare room in his house. The room was bare except for the computer in the corner. James' vision was blurry but not to blurry to make out the figure in the doorway. " Ashten?" James muttered in disbelief. " What?!" Ashten said with an attitude " What is this?" " your room. You dont get it do you? " " No! What are we doing here?" James asked. " Ok see. The plan didnt work out quite right. The plan didnt involve YOU, Kevin, killing TJ. We were first to get rid of you James and then we were going to get rid of your friend. " Ashten said waving around a gun. " But...why?" " Ok, Kevin, good question. Well you see, TJ is And your little frined is a sucker for a pretty face. All I had to do is show the slightest bit of intrest in James over here and I had him hook line and sinker. Now all that is left is to kill the two of you." " ..." James was speechless. He was trying to undo his hands from the rope. " Ashten, so none of this was... it was all an act?" " Wow, James. You are smarter than I give you credit for. The answer is yes." James looked into Ashten's cold unforgiving eyes. He then relized that this was no joke. She was serious. All of the sudden, from behind Jane nailed Ashten over the head with a frying pan. "JANE!" Kevin exclaimed. Jane ran over and untied Kevin. And then James. James ran over and picked up Ashten. She stood up. She was standing face to face with James. She looked at him and swung a punch. James ducked and followed up with a left hook to the face. Ashten went down for the last time. James picked up the gun. He opened it up and took out the bullets. He threw the gun away. He picked Ashten up and brought her into the bed room. He laid her on the bed. " James? What are you doing?" Ashten asked grogilly. James didnt answer. He went over and got a rag and put in on Ashten's head. He told Kevin to keep an eye on her. He went in the kitchen and got her a glass of warm water. Ashten drank it up. He gave her a kiss and gestured for everyone to leave her alone. " So guys, you ready for that celebration?" James said, acting as if nothing ever had happened. " Huh? The wedding is still on?." Kevin asked. " Wedding? You mean feuneral." James corrected. " Feuneral? TJ's?" Jane asked. " No. Ashten's." James corrected again. " But Ashten isn't dead." Kevin said as they walked into the kitchen. James went into the cabinent and grabbed a bottle. " 50% water, 50% rat poisoning" James said with a devilish smile. " Hehehe"