Yellowstone: The New Arrival

T.J. was dead. That was for sure this time. But as James, Kevin, and Ashten are soon to find out, the suffering doesn't end after death. No. Seeing as TJ had died in Yellowstone park... they decided to bury him in the cemetery there. On February 4, 1999, the day of TJ's funeral Yellowstone Cemetery burned to the ground. Who caused the fire... read and find out!

-Chapter 1- The air was thick with sadness as TJ Allen's family gathered at the Yellowstone Cemetery. There were two people however who stood out of the crowd. James and Kevin pulled up in James' car. They were hidden in the back, behind a tree watching the service. The minister started to speak about T.J and how he was going to a better place. As the minister told the two workers to lower the body into the grave a flaming ball of cotton hit the top of the canopy above the grave site. It instantly caught on fire. The workers were so scared that they ran and the coffin dropped into the grave and broke open. TJ lie there motionless. Kevin and James looked on in disbelief. They decided that this was not the best place for them in case someone saw them. So they left in James' car. They drove around for a while and then went back to James' house. At the house they saw two police officers questioning James' sister, Theresa. James and Kevin parked across the street as not to draw attention to themselves. They walk up slowly and listen on the conversation. " What have they done wrong, officer?" Theresa questioned. " Well we have reason to believe that they set fire to a grave site at Yellowstone Park. The whole park went up with flames. Apparently someone soaked the graves with gasoline to help things burn." The officer told her. " What makes you think that James had anything to do with it?" " We found this at the crime scene." The officer pulled out an evidence bag. Inside was James' wallet. James looked on the dashboard of his car where his wallet was.. The wallet was missing. " Kevin... my wallet! It's gone!" James told Kevin. Just then the police officer turned around to see James and Kevin standing on the front lawn.

-Chapter 2-

James and Kevin were taken in to the police station for questioning. As they walked in the station they passed TJ's mother. She was in tears. She started screaming and trying to attack James but the officer held her back. James and Kevin were brought into separate room for questioning. In the first room, James sat down as the officer explained to him that he could have an attorney present if he wanted one. James declined the offer. Then the officer started to record the conversation. _ Officer: James, where were you at approximately 1:00 today? James: I was out driving with Kevin. Officer: Were you anywhere within the area of the Yellowstone Cemetery? James: No, I don't think so. Officer: Then explain to me how your wallet was found on the cemetery grounds! James: I cant. Officer: Did you have your wallet with you at 1:00 today? James: I thought I did. I had it on the dashboard of my car. Officer: That will be all for now. In the other room, a different officer was questioning Kevin concerning the accident. _ Officer: Were you with James all today? Kevin: For most of the day, yes. Officer: How long were you with him? Kevin: I went over to his house at about 10:00 AM and have been with him ever since. Officer: What did you and James do today? Kevin: Well we went for a drive. Got some lunch. Then came home. Officer: Were you anywhere near the Yellowstone Cemetery? Kevin: No. Officer: Did James have his wallet with him the whole time you were with him? Kevin: I'm not sure. I paid for lunch. Officer: Are you sure you were with James at 1:00? Kevin: I am positive. We had just gotten done eating lunch and then drove around for a while and then came back here. Officer: Ok.. I think that is all for now. If we need you, stay in the area. _ James and Kevin were released after signing some paperwork. When they got back to James' house, Theresa came out to the door. "James, what happened?" Theresa asked. "I'm fine, Theresa. Are you OK?" James asked her. "What was that about?" Theresa asked again. James told her the whole story. They went into the house and sat down. Theresa made some coffee. James laid down on the couch. "Theresa, what am I gonna do? The police think I had something to do with that fire and they're not gonna give up until they catch me. " James complained to her. "James, its OK. Don't worry about it. Everything is going to be just fine." Kevin walks into the room. He had been laying down in the bedroom taking a nap. Kevin picked up the phone and called home. He told Jane that he wouldn't be home for dinner, that he was staying the night over with James. As Kevin hung up, he looked out the window to see a car screeching away from the house. It looked as if he had put something in the mailbox. James went out to check it. He was about to open the mailbox until her heard something ticking inside the mailbox… Was it a bomb?

-Chapter 3-

James ran inside. " Kevin, Theresa. Get out of the house now! No time to explain just leave!" James shouted through out the house. Kevin and Theresa ran next door. James followed after he got the cordless telephone. As he ran he dialled 911. He explained the situation and that there was a bomb in his mailbox. The 911 operator called the Police Department which sent the Bomb Squad out there immediately. As they arrived, James noticed the two arresting officers there. The bomb squad approached the mailbox, listening to the ticking inside the box. They carefully opened the mailbox to reveal a large package. After a long process, the bomb squad got the package open to reveal that the ticking noise was coming from an alarm clock with a small microphone and speakers hooked up to it. Inside was a note. It read:


Did I scare you? I hope so. I know you killed T.J. and I'm gonna make sure that the Police know it too. So you try to cover it up but soon the truth will come out.

A friend James and Kevin read the note over and over again. The police took fingerprints on the package and on all of its contents. "Hey Daniel, looks like we got some prints." One of the officers said to the other. "You actually found prints? Id think someone as smart as that would be smart enough to make sure not to leave any prints." Officer Daniel said. They brought the prints back to the lab and did a fingerprint check. They found that the prints belonged to someone named Aaron Alexandra. He had a long file with the police. His charges included possession of explosives (which he was convicted on), arson (which ended in a hung jury), and carrying an illegal firearm (which never made it to court.) "This guy looks like he could be the one who set fire to the cemetery. I mean, possession of explosives, arson." James whispered to Kevin. The officer had the same thought. He got a picture and found his address. He allowed Kevin and James to ride along if they stayed in the car. They got to the apartment. James and Kevin stayed in the car as officer Daniel went to the door. He knocked, no answer. He knocked again, no answer. He finally busts the door down. He walked in to see the man lying on the floor, dead.

-Chapter 4-

He came out and radioed for the ambulance and homicide unit to come down and check it out. Meanwhile he brought James and Kevin home. Kevin picked up the phone and called Jane. " Hello?" Jane answered the phone. " Jane. Don't go anywhere. Stay there. Ill be right over. You're gonna come spend the night over here with me." Kevin told her. " Huh? Why? Kevin, what's wrong?" Jane sounded worried. "Don't be worried, but some things have happened and I think it would be better if you were here with me. I'll tell you the whole story on the drive back. I have to go now. Love you. Bye." Kevin hangs up the phone and heads out the door. Jane is left on the other end. Kevin grabs James car keys and runs out the door. The car starts up and Kevin takes off towards his house. Meanwhile the police officers come back to James' house. "James. We have confirmed that Aaron's death was a homicide and that it happened within the last few hours. But the one thing we are in a mystery on is… the tire tracks that were left as the car sped away. They are fresh. But the don't match the treads on Aaron's car. So the closest we can figure, Alexandra made the package to scare you but was killed before he could plant it. Someone else did. But who?" The officer explained. Kevin was driving down the street towards his house when he notices a white car following him. He keeps the car following him as he reaches down casually and dials the number of the Police on his car phone. He turns on the speakerphone and tells the police his location and describes the car following him. The police says they're on their way. Kevin looks back and looks directly into the eyes of the man. The man speeds up all of the sudden. He runs into the back of James' car. Kevin runs off the road. The guy in the white car speeds up. He tosses something at Kevin. It looks like a stick of dynamite! Kevin jumps out of the car and runs as the car explodes. The car leaves. The police officer, including the one that was at James' house, arrives and sees the wreck. Two of the cars stay and one brings Kevin to the station to make a statement. " This guy sounds a lot like Aaron." The officer says. " Yeah, but that impos…" Kevin is inturupted by another officer. 'Daniel, we got the autopsy report on Aaron.' The officer signs to him. He slaps the folder down on the table. A picture of the body falls out. Kevin looks at the picture in disbelief. " He… he… he… That is the guy that ran me off the road!"

-Chapter 5-

"What do you mean? This man is dead." Officer Daniel said. "He's not dead! He is the one who ran me off the road!" Kevin stated even louder. "Do a background check on this Aaron Alexandra, Micheals." Daniel signed to the officer. Officer Micheals did the background check and revealed that Aaron Alexandra had a twin! Chris Alexandra. "A twin? So maybe Chris was the one in the apartment. And maybe Aaron is still alive." Kevin guessed. "Close, but backwards. I think," Micheals signed to Daniel "Chris has the same record as Aaron but he went to jail for Arson. But get this. Chris shared a cell with T.J! Says they became really close friends." " So maybe Aaron set the park on fire, and when Chris found out about it, he killed him? Just a guess." Officer Daniel guessed. "Ok, can you bring me home now… I need to tell James this." The officer brought Kevin over to James' house. He let Kevin out. He waited for a second. Then he drove off after Kevin went inside. Right in the living room was James and Theresa tied back to back in chairs. Kevin closed the door and was knocked out by a man hiding behind the door.

-Chapter 6-

When he woke up he was tied right next to James and Theresa. When he who it was immediately. "So, Chris, what are you going to do with us?" Kevin asked. "Smart." Chris complimented. "How'd you find out?" Kevin explained it to everyone. "Hey smart ass, you know, I like you. So if you want, I'll let you go. Under 1 condition, you let me have this." Chris opened the closet door and out fell Jane. "JANE!" Kevin screamed, "You bastard. What have you done to her?" She'll be fine, unless you want to be free?" Chris said to him with a devilish grin on his face. As Chris was pondering what to do with Kevin and James, Daniel slammed open the door. Chris turned around to a bullet in his head. " How did you know we were in trouble?" James asked the officer. " Kevin looked in the door and saw you two tied up and used signed to me using sign language what was happening… We were just waiting until the perfect time to come in." " How did you know he knew sign language, Kev?" James asked. " I saw him signing to another officer at the station."

1 1/2 months later, the Yellowstone Cemetery was rebuilt. The Allen family decided to have another service for T.J. This time, instead of sitting in the back behind a tree, Kevin and James were sitting with the family who had forgiven them for killing their son.

After the service was over Kevin and James started to drive home. "James, do you still feel the same way about TJ after all we have been through." "Actually, Kev, I do. He still tried to kill us. And now his friends are trying to kill us. You know what this means, don't you?" James asked him. " No.. what?" Kevin asked. " This means we just have another anniversary to celebrate." James laughed. " Oh no! Not me. Last anniversary we almost got killed!" Kevin replied shaking his head. " Relax, Kevin. I was just kidding. You take everything so seriously!" " When I'm with you, I have to take everything seriously!" James and Kevin laughed.

The End