The night was warm, but crisp; perfect for the task Sarah was to do this evening. She studied her reflection in the mirror, satisfied with what she saw. Her long black hair was twisted into an elegant knot and she wore a shimmering purple ball gown, completed with beautiful jewelry. The dress was tight at the top and showed her feminine curves, until it reached the waist, where it was flared out into a bell shape. The delicate slippers on her feet and her slender figure made her look dainty. She held her head high as she walked into the ballroom. Heads turned her way as she made her way down the steps. Sarah decided that there was still some time for fun before beginning her job, so she flirted and danced with a couple men first. The ball was held for the handsome Prince, who was to be married to the one he fell in love with at the ball.

The pretty young lady, who mysteriously appeared without a coach, appalled them all with her beauty and elegance. She danced, swirling around partners, all the while with her hands slipping into a men's pocket, returning with money and other materials. One valuable item was a gold pocket watch. The man never knew. Right on schedule, according to the new stolen pocket watch, Sarah slipped away into a vast hallway. Her task was to steal an expensive diamond necklace from the Queen. One who never failed - Sarah was a thief.

The guards didn't find it strange. It was common for the ladies to wander in the great hall before returning to the ballroom. That and Sarah was of course flirting with them in an aimless way. She finally got rid of all the guards, knocking them out one by one and she crept around the palace until she found the Queen's chambers and snuck inside. The room was huge! A grand canopy bed stood in the center of the room, stealing the entire view. Sarah's eyes wandered around her surroundings. She had never seen such riches. Sure, she had seen large bedchambers in other rich houses, but never in such detail. Two large oak shelves stood beside an enormous mirror. There were paintings of the current Queen everywhere, when finally Sarah saw the dresser containing the Queen's jewelry. She pushed herself against the wall and moved stealthily until she reached the dresser. Her hands moved skillfully through boxes of jewels before finding the precise one she wanted. Moving away towards the door, Sarah held her breath. She always felt uneasy just as she was nearing the escape. Suddenly, a shadow appeared at the doorway and Sarah gasped. It was the crown prince! She tried to hide herself; make herself invisible, but it was no use. He saw her anyways.

"What might you be doing in my mother's room?" He questioned, the arrogant tone evident in his voice. Sarah heard this and tried to run past him. It should've been easy, considering the way she had knocked the guards unconscious, but he was faster. The Prince grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her towards the velvety floor of the carpet. The last thing Sarah saw was the prized emerald necklace flying above her head, before she too was knocked unconscious.

* * *

Sarah's heart thumped violently in her chest as she was chained by a Royal guard and brought before the Royal family. In all the 17 years of her life, she had never failed a thievery job and had never experienced such a headache before. Her head had hit the wall when the 19-year-old Crown Prince had sent her flying.

The throne room was enormous and red stared at her in every direction. Sarah looked up at the royalty. King Jerold was a plump man with sandy brown hair. He looked thoughtful and was indeed very kind to his country. Queen Eva was an elegant woman; her raven black hair tied up into a beautiful knot. She was known for her beauty and kindness towards the poor population. Prince Joshua was a handsome young man with silky chestnut hair. But unlike his parents, he wasn't completely kind. He was more arrogant and grand instead of kind and generous. He would flirt endlessly with all the court ladies. According to Sarah, he was some sort of womanizer.

Sarah thought that death would be the suitable punishment for her crime, but King Jerold and Queen Eva thought nothing of it. She would have to spend years in confinement though. Suddenly, Prince Joshua, who had be silent during this time, came up with another 'solution.'

"Why don't you let her be my servant until her sentence has been served, father?" He asked with careful and slow speech, as though his father wouldn't be able to understand him. The prince's eyes looked down at Sarah and she glared at him with hatred in her eyes. Death would be a better punishment than to serve that spoiled rich womanizer! But Sarah had a better mind than to spit that out in front of the King.

Some guards lead Sarah out into another room while the King and Queen discussed it in their royal thrones. The Prince joined the guards and dismissed them from Sarah. His eyes looked down at the beautiful young lady, soon to be his servant.

"Don't worry. You'll be serving me soon." The prince said quietly.

"I'd rather die than serve you!" spat Sarah, as she moved farther away from the handsome prince. She worried at exactly what the Prince's plans were for her. His eyes locked onto hers with somewhat of an evil look to them. He smirked at her before walking out. Guards surrounded the room immediately and Sarah was once again brought forward to the King and Queen. This time, they addressed Sarah directly and told her that she was now to be a servant to the Crown Prince of Gerilliard, Prince Joshua. He looked at her with silent satisfaction and she returned his look with sheer horror.

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