Hazuki's Sacrifice

The snow fell gently onto the city streets as Yuri looked out from his window, wondering when all the pain would end. Uncle had been in again that night, and beat him within an inch of his life, calling him "faggot" and "pretty boy". All because he was gay, and had admitted it to his aunt and uncle, whom he had lived with since his parents died in a car crash. Yuri didn't even remember them; it had been such a long time ago.

He stood by the window, gently stroking his long, brown hair. It was his pride, his long flowing hair. His uncle had once shaved his head in a fit of rage, saying he looked like a girl, but it had grown back since then, and it hadn't been touched by anyone since.

Someone rang the doorbell; Yuri dare not leave his room, instead leaving his uncle to answer it. It would probably be Hazuki, his best friend since childhood. She had stood by him through everything, and supported all his decisions. Yuri stood behind his bedroom door and heard his uncle tell her that he was not in; a blatant lie to cover up the fact that Yuri was covered in his own blood from where his uncle had beat him.

He heard the door close, and slid down his bedroom door. How he wished he could find someone to protect him, to share his soul with. He longed for that more than anything in the world. To love and be loved, truly, utterly and completely.

The tears welled up in his eyes, and started to pour down his face. He was trapped in a prison with no way out. The tears stung the cuts on his face, but he drifted off into a fantasy world, no longer feeling the pain, until sleep fell over him.

Morning came, Yuri dressed quickly and hurried off to school before his uncle could catch him and tell him he wasn't going again, due to his injuries. They hurt, but it was much easier to tell the teachers he had been caught in a fight than to stay at home and listen to his uncle and aunt telling him how useless he was.

Hazuki was waiting for him at the end of the street; she never came down to the house because she was frightened of Yuri's uncle. She winced as she saw the cuts and bruises on Yuri's face, knowing exactly where they had come from.

"Who did he accuse you of being with this time?" Hazuki asked.

"The boy down the street," Yuri answered, "I went to return his videogame, of course, that was obviously flirting with a male in Uncle's eyes." He looked down sadly. "It's like, every time I even come within 10 yards of someone my own gender, he automatically assumes I'm flirting with them. He thinks he can beat out of me who I am."

Hazuki looked sadly at Yuri. His shirt was disheveled and he looked a mess. His uncle would probably beat him for that, too, when he returned home. He picked up on anything as a reason to start a fight. Hazuki wished she could protect Yuri, but there was no way she could. All she could do was be there to pick up the pieces.

The day passed quickly, Yuri kept his face to the ground all day, never able to look anyone in the eye. His communication skills were getting poorer as he just hid himself away in the shell he had made for himself. Perhaps it was his only form of security, Hazuki told herself, but she couldn't help but worry about Yuri's deteriorating state.

They walked home along the extended route, Yuri was in no hurry to get home, and Hazuki had a little time left before she had to pick up her younger siblings from school. They always talked on the way home; it was the only time when Hazuki seemed able to get information out of Yuri anymore.

"So, what do you want to do when we leave school, Yuri?" Hazuki asked, not wanting to pry into his home life.

Yuri shuddered. He didn't want to think about leaving school; it was the only place he could escape to. Yet he knew the day was coming closer when he would have to leave, and he admitted to himself that he had no idea what he was going to do.

"I'd like to settle down," he responded, "I wish I could find the man I've been dreaming of. Life's been so lonely recently."

"What kind of guy would you like to settle down with?" Hazuki asked him.

"Someone. strong, and gentle, with long hair that I could stroke. Someone to hold me at night, so I didn't have to feel scared anymore. Someone to share my dream world with, my innermost thoughts and feelings." Yuri drifted off, his imagination showing him what his ideal man looked like.

"You mean, someone like him, over there?" Hazuki asked, "Is he attractive to you?"

Yuri lifted his head and looked across. Hazuki did this a lot, but she never pointed out the right kind of male. He secretly thought she was just pointing out the guys she liked.

He held back a gasp.

He had long, grey-silver hair, longer than Yuri's was, trailing all the way down his back. He was sitting alone, with a wistful look on his face, looking upwards. His eyes were as pure blue as the sky he stared at.

Hazuki tried to hold him back, but he rushed forward to the railings to get a better look, and looked through. He looked like there was a deep sorrow in his heart, and Yuri could imagine himself holding him, stroking his hair, kissing him gently, and lying naked close to him. He could feel himself getting aroused, but didn't care, he just wanted to look at this beautiful stranger.

The stranger could feel a pair of eyes boring into him; he looked up at Yuri, who looked deep into his eyes, deep into his soul. Such a pair of captivating eyes he had never seen, such lovely dark brown hair. Yet they were just strangers, passing by, and he got up off his seat and walked on, leaving Yuri standing there with tears welling in his eyes. He had found the one. He was sure.

Yuri lay there, that night, unable to think of anything but the stranger. What was his name? Where was he from? Would he ever see him again?

Uncle had left Yuri alone that night, he and Aunt Marge had gone out to a restaurant, to dine with their fine gourmet friends. Yuri hated their act, the way they tried to make themselves out as being better than everybody else simply because they had money. Their friends were bought ones, as false as the happy family image they put on; when in reality they beat their nephew half way to death when it suited them.

Yuri turned over, and looked up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, and thought of the stranger again. That sadness in his eyes, he knew it so well, it was the same sadness he saw in the mirror every single day, the sorrow of being alone in the world. He wished he had been able to say something, anything, to the stranger, find out his name, find some way to contact him, anything, anything at all.

His eyes welled up in tears, but then he felt a warm presence, something stirring in his soul. He imagined holding that beautiful stranger alone at night, kissing every inch of his body, making love to him. He felt himself grow hard, and subconsciously began to stroke himself, moaning as he imagined the stranger rubbing him, sucking him, kissing him. He could have sworn that he'd never come so much in his entire life.

Hazuki was late the next day; Yuri felt uncomfortable waiting there on the corner for her. He wondered if he would see that stranger again today, he was so excited at the prospect that he wanted to walk to and from school that same way, to see if he might see him.

Hazuki finally arrived, and they walked to school, Yuri looking ahead, scouring every inch of the scenery, searching for that angel of his. Maybe he would never see him again, he wondered, and his heart sank once he got to school and realized he hadn't seen him. It sank ever further when he went all day at school, and the walk home without one sighting of him. Maybe he'd scared him by staring. Maybe he wasn't even gay. Maybe he was just visiting for one day and he'd never see him again.

After a week had passed with no sightings, Yuri grew despondent. He skipped classes to go and sit on the same bench his stranger had been sitting on that night, he spent every day drawing pictures of him, wondering if he'd ever see him again. Hazuki grew tired of it, and even she felt angry with him for chasing shadows. His grades were slipping, he looked tired and ill, he spent all day talking about nothing else, and it was straining on Hazuki to hear it day after day. Yet she stood by him still, wishing the stranger would come back so that he could find a shred of happiness in his otherwise empty life.

His uncle had begun to beat him more, but he acted like he didn't care what happened to him. Hazuki didn't know what to do. If only there were some way she could find this stranger.

The night was cold. Hazuki sighed, sitting out on that same bench, looking up at the stars. Life was full of sorrow; sacrifices were the only way to really show somebody that you cared. She longed to find him almost more than Yuri did, just to see him happy. Just like old times.

She remembered Yuri's parents, though she wasn't sure he still did. They were wonderful people, and liked Hazuki and Yuri. They grew up together, inseparable. Nobody could ever tear Hazuki and Yuri apart. Then Yuri's parents had been killed. Yuri was lost in a world all of his own, and his aunt and uncle came to live with him. Dragons, heroes, fantasy worlds, they were all he thought about. Hazuki loved the same things, they got on so well, but, there was that one fact that would always drive a barrier between them, that he didn't love girls, and no matter how close they got, Hazuki would never be able to tell him how she felt.

Tears welling in her eyes, she hoped the stranger would come back soon, so that Yuri could find happiness again. Even if he weren't with her, at least he would be free from the sadness that tortured him. He's like a wandering ghost, she thought, he just drifts through life, searching for that one thing that will put him to rest.

Hazuki was cold, and got up to leave and go home. Her parents would worry if she was late, and she had a lot of study to do. Just then, she saw someone move, a shadow, and heard a sigh. She turned around the corner, and on the bench under a canopy of trees, the moonlight shining on his silver hair, was the mysterious stranger.

Hazuki didn't know what to say, she was glad when he started the conversation.

"That boy, you're his girlfriend, right?" he asked. His voice was soft and gentle, but intelligent.

"Actually, no." she said, "We're just childhood friends."

"I hate to say it, " he said, "for fear of sounding like some kind of stalker, but I couldn't help but watch. I'm. starting at your school next week. Do you think you could introduce me to your friend?"

"His name is Yuri," Hazuki said, "and I'll do that."

She walked off into the darkness without saying another word, a million conflicting emotions burning up inside of her.

"Yuri," he muttered, "Such a beautiful name."

Hazuki woke, the day getting brighter. Monday morning.

She had toyed with the idea of going to Yuri's house to tell him about the stranger, but something in her told her to leave it alone. Whatever happens, happens, she told herself. It's all up to fate.

Yuri was his normal gloomy self when he arrived at the corner, looking down at the ground, barely saying a word. Hazuki felt guilty for not telling him, but didn't want him to know they'd met and she hadn't told him about it.

They reached the school gates without a word. Hazuki thought about dropping a hint, but decided against it. What if he wasn't starting after all? Yuri would be very distressed then.

"Class, rise!" the teacher barked as she walked in. After the good mornings and registration, they talked between themselves for a while. Hazuki noticed there was no new student, looking around nervously. It was a shame, she thought, she wanted to see Yuri be happy for once, but the guy wouldn't even turn up when he promised.

There was a knock on the door, and the class fell silent. The teacher went to the door and opened it.

He stood there, dressed in regular school uniform, shirt and pants, his long hair tied back in a ponytail. Yuri was too busy looking down at the table to have noticed. Hazuki nudged him. He still didn't look up. She hit him.

"Ouch! There's no need to hit m." he stopped mid sentence as he saw what Hazuki was referring to. He was standing there, smiling.

Yuri felt lightheaded, and the whole world took on an unreal quality, like he was watching his life through a video camera. His mouth was wide open, and Hazuki had to nudge him again to get him to look less obvious in front of the rest of the class. Yuri thought he was going to faint, but somehow managed to keep a grip on himself.

"Class, this is Kaze Inari, he will be joining our class starting today," the teacher said.

Yuri was in heaven. What a lovely name, he thought to himself. He could barely believe it; it wasn't sinking in. the stranger. Kaze. was here?

Lunch came, and Yuri was nervous as hell. He didn't want to eat, he just wanted to say hello to Kaze. He sat in the cafeteria with Hazuki, looking across as Kaze got his lunch.

"Do you think he'll come over here?" Yuri asked.

"I don't know, Yuri. Don't push it just yet," she replied, cautiously. "You don't even know if he's gay. Don't get a broken heart," she said, staring down at her dinner, stirring it about with her fork as if it was inedible slop.

Yuri's heart sank. She was right. What if he wasn't into guys? He had automatically assumed that he was, because of his looks, but he might not be. What then?

He continued to look at Kaze, not knowing what to do or say to him, or how to introduce himself. As Hazuki had told him in class, "You can't just go right up to him and say I'm Yuri, and I'm in love with you."

He realized he was feeling quite uncomfortable with Hazuki, she seemed fed up with him too. He got up from his seat and left Hazuki to stir around her dinner, not even noticing that he had left the table and that she was sitting alone.

Kaze paid for his meal and turned around, tray in hand, to stare straight into the eyes of Yuri. Yuri was frightened, petrified, he didn't know what to say, he had a thousand thoughts spinning in his mind, a thousand "what if's" plaguing him. Kaze smiled at him, and Yuri nearly melted. He smiled at me. He smiled at me! Then Kaze began to walk over to him. Yuri realized he was standing in the middle of the cafeteria, the place with no seating. He must have looked odd, standing there just staring at Kaze.

He decided to sit down, and chose a small table. Kaze walked over. Yuri's heart was in his mouth; it was beating so hard he thought for a second he might choke.

"May I sit here?" a gentle, intelligent voice came, Kaze's beautiful voice.

" , of course!" Yuri replied, "I'm Y."

"Yuri, right?" Kaze responded with a smile. "I believe your friend told me that." He looked over at Hazuki, who had stopped stirring her dinner and was looking over, intent to catch every word of their conversation.

"You've met Hazuki?" Yuri asked.

"Yes, we had a chance meeting. the. uh, a while ago," Kaze said, realizing that Hazuki couldn't have said anything to Yuri.

Kaze and Yuri talked about everything, from interests, to siblings, friends, family, everything. It turned out that Kaze had been orphaned too. He was adopted, but never got on with his family and opted to leave as soon as he was old enough. "Got a place of my own," he told Yuri. "Much more comfortable that way."

Yuri told Kaze his story, about his parents being killed in a car crash, Hazuki his childhood friend, how he lived with his aunt and uncle, but he couldn't bring himself to tell Kaze about the beatings he received, or why he was the victim of cruel abuse. He didn't want to burden an already sorrowful and heavy soul.

Kaze finished his dinner, and stood up. "Sorry to leave, Yuri, but I need to see some teachers to talk about catching up. I hope we meet again soon," he said, and as he walked away, he turned back and smiled warmly, a smile that he returned with all the wonderful feelings he was experiencing.

Hazuki seemed preoccupied all afternoon, and Yuri finally caught onto it. She seemed to be extremely quiet, and barely said a word to him in afternoon classes. After school, he finally asked her what the matter was.

"It's nothing," she said, "Just feeling a little under the weather, that's all."

Yuri nodded, but felt there was something deeper. Not wanting to pry, he didn't probe further, but just went back to thinking about Kaze.

Kaze was waiting for him after class, after spending a lot of time finalizing his courses, he announced he was finally ready to learn. He had a wide smile on his face, which never seemed to fade when he was around Yuri. Hazuki could feel that chemistry between them, and decided to stay out of their way. Complaining she felt sick, she rushed off, saying she'd go straight home.

"She's been oddly preoccupied today." Yuri said to Kaze. "She's usually talkative, but today, she's just not herself. I'm worried."

"Don't be," Kaze said, "I'm sure she's just not feeling so great. Women's things, and all."

Yuri nodded, dismissed it, and walked off with Kaze.

The walk home was pleasurable; Yuri had learned to relax with Kaze, and felt at ease with him. They talked more, and stopped to sit on the bench, that bench that Yuri had seen him on that day.

"Kaze," Yuri asked, "Did you see me that day?"

"Yes," Kaze responded, "I did, I wasn't able to forget you after that. Something about you just stayed with me, I guess."

"Something. good?" Yuri asked nervously. He was so scared that at this wonderful moment, he was going to ruin things.

"Something very good," Kaze smiled.

They sat there, as the sun went down and the darkness came, just looking at each other, studying the features on each other's faces. Such beauty, Yuri thought, and the reflection in Kaze's eyes showed he was thinking the same. They nervously moved closer and closer, until their lips were barely touching, barely brushing each other. Yuri wanted this so much. The moment he had dreamed of.

"YURI!" came an angry shout. Yuri's heart sank as he quickly backed off from Kaze. It was his uncle. Now he was in for it.

A stout figure in a business suit came storming through the bushes to the seat, and picked Yuri up by the collar. Yuri couldn't breathe, and started to wheeze.

"Let him go!" Kaze cried. "It was my fault!"

Yuri was dropped on his feet, but quickly regained his balance. His uncle grabbed him by the arm and dragged him forward. "We're going home, now, young boy, and I'll see if we'll have any of this nonsense when I teach you a lesson!"

Kaze could only watch in horror as Yuri was dragged away, his eyes full of tears and fear, virtually crying "Save me" to Kaze. He felt his legs go from beneath him, and found himself sitting down on the bench, shaking. What would happen to Yuri? He hadn't told him his uncle was homophobic. He hoped that the "lesson" he was going to be taught wasn't what he thought it was.

Kaze met Hazuki at the school gate, and quickly explained what had happened the previous night. Hazuki gasped.

"He never told you. about his uncle?" Hazuki asked.

"No, he never said a thing about him being homophobic." Kaze replied.

"Come somewhere quiet with me," Hazuki said, "I've got a long story to tell you."

The classroom was quiet, it was an old unused one in D block where the roof leaked, and nobody came to anymore. Some stuff was stored here; exercise books, stationary, general things you'd expect to find in a school. Hazuki and Kaze sat on boxes of exercise books, facing each other.

Hazuki began, "He told you about his parents' death, right?"

Kaze nodded sadly, "I'm an orphan too," he said. "Parents died in a plane crash on a business trip to Osaka. I never got on with my adopted family. They just couldn't replace my real family, I guess." He sipped on the coffee he had quickly picked up from the canteen on the way to the unused room.

"Well," Hazuki went on, "After his parents died, Yuri was going to be sent to a children's home, he wasn't old enough to live by himself. He had, however, been left a large inheritance, being an only child. His aunt and uncle came from nowhere and offered to take Yuri on. They looked like nice people; no one was to know what they were really like. Well, Yuri's inheritance is no more. They blew it all on a rich lifestyle."

Kaze shook his head angrily. "If only I could get my hands on them." he said, shaking his fists.

Hazuki continued, "Yuri wasn't bitter, he didn't care for the money anyway. It was the way they treated him which made him the way he is. If he didn't comply with their unreasonable rules, he was punished severely."

Tears were forming in Kaze's eyes; he bit his lip and held them in.

"Yuri was growing older," Hazuki went on, "and he was beginning to learn more about himself. He realized he liked guys instead of girls. It was a secret between him and I for a long time, but one day he decided to brave the storm and tell his aunt and uncle. He said he was tired of living a lie. That's when. that's when." Hazuki faltered. She started to well up herself, hurting at her inability to protect Yuri with her own hands, despite knowing what was going on all this time.

"They hurt him, don't they?" Kaze asked, "Please don't tell me they beat him."

Hazuki burst into deep sobs, and could only nod. Kaze clenched up his fists as the tears rolled down his cheeks. Anger, pain, hatred, love, he could feel them all burning within him at the moment, the desire to protect being strongest.

"He never let me call the police." Hazuki sobbed, "He was scared of being sent away from here."

"It's not your fault," Kaze said, "There was nothing you could do."

"That's why. he takes a lot of time away from school. His uncle always wants to cover up the cuts and bruises. When he's supposedly sick, no one's ever allowed to visit him. He's come into school with bruises before. Social workers looked into it, but they were satisfied with what they found." Hazuki explained.

Kaze found tears were not enough. He wanted to scream, wanted to fight, wanted to take revenge on them for hurting Yuri. He had only known him for a day, but already knew the truth - he was in love with him.

Kaze spent the rest of the day formulating a plan to go and see Yuri. He had to try something, anything to check he was all right. Maybe he could even get him out of there, take him back to his apartment and keep him safe. He sat silently all day. Hazuki was busy looking out of the window, not listening to anybody in class.

"Hazuki! Are you listening?" the teacher yelled, at one point. Hazuki simply nodded, and class continued, and within 10 minutes she was staring out of the window yet again.

They met after school, and Kaze discussed his plans with Hazuki, who quickly shot them down in flames. "They won't let you in," she said. "They even scrutinize all his mail, and keep him away from the Internet. It's almost like a prison in that place."

Kaze nodded sadly, and walked home dejectedly, not knowing what he could do, but sit and wait, yet waiting was painful, not knowing the fate of the one he loved.

Yuri dodged the blow from his uncle, moving deftly aside. His uncle may have been strong, but he was slow, and Yuri was small and lithe, able to dodge some of his blows. However, it depended on luck, and everyone's luck ran out at some point. Yuri knew his had run out when his uncle pulled a knife from his pocket. He backed up into a corner, and knew he was done for, he longed for something, anything, some way out of this.

The doorbell rang. Uncle took Yuri and hit his head against the bookcase, knocking him out. The blood poured from the cut opened on his head, and his uncle stormed off to answer the door, slamming Yuri's bedroom door and taking his knife with him.

Kaze waited at the door, and rang the bell again and again. He was seriously worried now, and wondered what was going on in there. Suddenly the door opened, and a furious face stared at him.

"You! What do you want?" Yuri's uncle spat, "I thought I told you to stay away from my nephew!"

Kaze was fuming with anger on the inside, wanting to release it, but remained cool and calm on the outside.

"He's falling behind on his schoolwork," Kaze said, "I came to give him today's work."

Yuri's uncle snatched the papers from him, and slammed the door in his face. Kaze sighed, Hazuki was right; there was no way in hell he was going to get in this way. In fact, he'd probably just made things worse for Yuri.

Yuri stirred, and felt dried blood on his face. His head hurt like it had been beaten with a sledgehammer, and everything was spinning. He let his vision swim into focus, but the pain in his head wouldn't go away. He could hear Aunt and Uncle screaming at each other again, and it echoed through his skull, making the head pains worse.

He noticed scattered papers on the floor, they looked as if someone had just opened the door and thrown them in. He crawled over to them, not daring to stand just yet. They were school papers, with parts highlighted with highlighter pen. It took a moment, but Yuri realized, his language teacher hated highlighting sheets, she always made them write proper, solid notes. He almost dismissed this inconsistency, figuring they might have had a substitute teacher, until he looked at the papers. They weren't even studying this book!

Yuri looked down at the words. There was an awful lot highlighted here. He wondered what the meaning of this was. A joke from his uncle, perhaps? But how would this be amusing to him? He wasn't one to use his brains; he solved problems with his fists.

He studied the paper again, and saw the name at the top, written in elegant handwriting, "Kaze Inari" Yuri almost jumped for joy. These were Kaze's papers! He held them close, just knowing he had touched them brought him joy. He studied the words again, and then he realized. There were only a few words not highlighted! He grabbed a pen, and wrote them out quickly, rearranging them to make something coherent.

"Love. always. finds. a. way. I. will. help. you. somehow."

Kaze, he thought, Kaze, I love you.

Hiding the papers underneath his bed, he went to bed full of renewed hope. Kaze loved him, knew his circumstances, and was going to help him. That was all he cared about. He was loved, and nothing on Earth could touch him now.

Kaze sighed, realizing his message was probably far too cryptic to have been discovered by Yuri. For all he knew, the papers had never even reached Yuri, but it had been worth a try. Anything was worth a try in these desperate circumstances.

Yuri, as expected, didn't show up for school again. Kaze was full of worry; Hazuki seemed to be, too. They couldn't relax, and mid-day, decided to skip school together to plan some way of rescuing Yuri. Yet everything they seemed to come up with was shot down by one or both of them as being impossible.

Kaze stood up, "This is useless," he said, "We're not getting anywhere."

He thought to himself for a few minutes.

"Hazuki," he said slowly, "I think I've got it."

"Fire away," Hazuki said, "We've got nothing to lose."

"Well," he said, "His aunt and uncle have to go out sometime, right?"

"Yes!" Hazuki cried, "Once a week, they go to their gourmet club dinner. Wednesday nights."

Kaze smiled, finally seeing an opportunity. "How do we get in, though?"

Hazuki smiled, "They're very forgetful. I once remember Yuri telling me that they keep their key hidden beneath the flowerpot outside the front door."

"It just happens to be Wednesday," Kaze smiled. "We act tonight."

Hazuki felt really suspicious hanging around close to Yuri's house. She kept telling Kaze that they were going to get caught, but Kaze said he didn't care anymore.

They waited for hours, hidden behind the trees, and nothing happened.

"I don't believe this," Hazuki said.

"Neither do I," said Kaze, "However, I did prepare Plan B just in case."

Hazuki looked at him quizzically. Kaze just smiled. They waited, and waited, and waited.

"I'm going home," Hazuki said, "Mom will be worried about me, it's late."

Hazuki crawled out of the bush, when she was sure she could hear a scream.

"Kaze!" Hazuki broke their silence. But Kaze had already heard. He was running towards the house, as fast as he could go. Hazuki followed.

Kaze reached the door first and tried it, only to find it was locked. The screams grew louder. Kaze picked up the flowerpot. "Damn!" he cursed, "No key."

In desperation he tore up the doormat, and there, shining in the moonlight, was a silver key. He shoved it in the lock, and turned it. He opened the door and barged in.

The screams were louder now, coming from upstairs. Kaze dived up the stairs, two at a time, and dived through the door into the room where Yuri's cries of terror were coming from.

He gasped, unable to take in the horror before him.

They had stripped Yuri, and had a knife to him, and were screaming that they were going to cut off his cock. Yuri was screaming as his uncle pulled the knife back, ready to cut. He had cuts all over the rest of his body, and was covered in his own blood. Kaze went berserk, and before he knew it, Yuri's uncle was on the floor, Kaze flailing and punching him like he was going to kill him. Hazuki tackled Yuri's aunt, kicking her in the stomach, knocking her backwards. She sat down on a chair, unable to move, doubled up in pain, while Hazuki gave her the most evil look one could ever give.

Kaze was still struggling with Yuri's uncle, who had the knife and was desperately trying to stab Kaze with it, while swearing abuse and spitting at him. Kaze, however, couldn't feel a thing, all he saw was red, pure hatred, pure anger, he was totally berserk. His strength while in this state seemed to increase, adrenalin flowed through him, giving him the strength to pin down Yuri's uncle. He punched him once, twice, three times in the face. He was knocked out, but he kept hitting and hitting and hitting, wanting to kill him for doing such a thing to Yuri. Finally he screamed, and burst into tears, the adrenalin rush wearing off. He half ran, half crawled over to where Yuri lay, taking him in his arms and cradling him close, kissing him again and again, Yuri kissing back with everything he had, and crying too.

"We need to get out of here." Hazuki reminded Kaze and Yuri. Kaze took Yuri's clothes and gently put them on Yuri, being careful not to hurt him too much.

"Will he heal properly," Hazuki asked, "or will we need to take him to hospital?"

Kaze looked down at Yuri's injuries. "They're only light, I can deal with them," he said.

When Yuri was fully dressed, Kaze picked him up and carried him down the stairs. Hazuki gave one final wicked glance at his aunt, and left the room, slamming the door behind her.

They rushed out of the house, and ran down the street, rushing as quickly as they could with Yuri in Kaze's arms. Hazuki figured they wouldn't call the police, being guilty of heinous crimes themselves, but with Yuri's parents, you never knew quite what they would do.

After a while they slowed to a walk, even though Yuri was only thin, he was still heavy to carry after all the strain Kaze's body had been through, and he was finding it tough to carry him, though he never once complained. Eventually they reached the city center, the lights shining overhead, the electric buzz of a broken streetlamp filling their ears. Kaze approached a shabby looking apartment block, and put Yuri down while he fumbled for his keys in the darkness. He finally found them, and opened the door to the block.

It was only a small apartment block, with about 16 apartments. Kaze found his, on the second floor, and put his keys in the lock, turned, and sighed as the door swung open. He turned on the light. Hazuki looked around, it was nothing special, but it had plenty of nice furniture, and it was clean. Hazuki thought that Kaze would put Yuri down on the sofa, but instead he carried him into the bedroom, folded back the sheets of his bed, stripped Yuri down, and put him in bed. Only now did Hazuki blush at seeing Yuri's naked body, she retreated to the living room as quickly as possible, leaving Kaze and Yuri alone for a while.

"You promised you'd come for me." Yuri moaned gently through his pain, "I love you, Kaze."

"I love you too, Yuri," Kaze said, and they kissed once more.

Hazuki let herself out, it was late, and she needed to get home as soon as possible. Her parents were going to go ballistic, thinking she was out partying again. In fact, Hazuki had only been out partying with friends once; she hated it so much that she swore never to go again, and she never did. However, she could hardly tell her parents about Yuri's predicament, they would be the first to get authorities involved, so "going out partying with friends" was the best excuse she could give.

Kaze looked down at Yuri's wounds. Most of them were sore, but light. Kaze gently put antiseptic on them.

"I'm sorry, this is going to hurt, Yuri," he said sadly.

"You can hurt me on one condition," Yuri smiled.

"What's that?" Kaze asked.

"Hold me as I sleep tonight." he said, and tears welled up in Kaze's eyes as he accepted and gently dabbed antiseptic on Yuri's wounds, feeling sympathy pain as he winced.

The sunlight shone through the window as Kaze woke. He looked down at Yuri's naked body, sleeping peacefully in his arms. He was in heaven, or as close to heaven as man could get.

Yuri stirred, and gently opened his eyes to see Kaze looking down at him. He smiled, it was real, it wasn't a dream. Kaze had come to rescue him. He leaned up and kissed Kaze, and he kissed back passionately. Kaze rolled on top of him, Yuri could feel his naked body pressing against his, feel himself and Kaze growing hard and rubbing against each other. He moaned gently, and reached for the silver ring that kept Kaze's hair tied up. He took it off, and Kaze's hair covered both of them like a silver blanket. Kaze kissed Yuri's lips, his face, his hair, kissing down his neck and over his wounds gently and lovingly, making his way down his body slowly, giving as much love as he could give. Yuri moaned and smiled as Kaze reached his hard cock, and began to lick it teasingly.

"Please." Yuri moaned, and Kaze knew what he wanted. He first took the head, then as much of the length as would fit in his mouth, and began to suck Yuri. Yuri moaned loudly, placing his hands on Kaze's head and stroking his hair as he sucked his cock. He thrusted up into Kaze's mouth as he got closer and closer, and Kaze moved faster and sucked harder in response. Yuri moaned and cried out Kaze's name as he realized he couldn't keep it in anymore, and he came in Kaze's mouth with the greatest pleasure he had ever experienced.

Kaze drank every last drop of Yuri's seed, licking him off. He smiled up at Yuri, who smiled back with joyful tears in his eyes. Kaze dived back onto the bed next to him, and they continued to kiss passionately, their hands roaming over each other, exploring every inch of their bodies. Yuri wanted to return the pleasure, and he kissed down Kaze's body, savoring his taste, wanting to suck Kaze as he had done so well to him.

Hazuki nervously walked past Yuri's former home, wondering what they would do in response to Yuri's rescue. Seeing several large shadows through the window, she ducked down behind some bushes and watched.

Several large muscular men, armed to the teeth, walked out of Yuri's house, with his uncle in tow. They had clubs with nails hammered into them, bricks, any weapon they had been able to find. They had one word painted across all their faces. Kill.

Hazuki gasped. These guys meant business. She dived out of the bush and fled down a back street, thinking of the quickest way to get to Kaze's apartment. She had to warn them!

Yuri savored the taste of Kaze's beautiful seed as he finished and curled up in his arms. Everything was so perfect. It was a dream come true.

There was a knock on the door, an urgent knock. A voice yelled through the door.

"Yuri! Kaze! Come quickly!" It was Hazuki.

Kaze quickly pulled on some clothes, while Yuri covered his naked body with the sheets. Kaze pulled open the door quickly.

"What is it?" he asked Hazuki.

"Yuri's uncle. and armed men. are heading this way! They'll kill you! You have to get out of here!" Hazuki said in a panic. Yuri started to dress frantically, not caring if Hazuki saw him or not. He would face anything but his uncle.

Kaze turned his school backpack upside down on the floor, the books spilled out. He ran to the wardrobe and started piling clothes in, then zipped it up and got dressed properly. Hazuki looked out of the window. "Look!" she cried.

Yuri's eyes widened with fear as he saw a group of muscular armed men crossing the fields. Hazuki, Kaze and Yuri rushed out of the apartment, Kaze sending Hazuki and Yuri on ahead while he locked the door. He followed after them quickly.

They got outside the building quickly, the men were clearly in sight. They darted around to the side of the block, down a small, dark alley. Kaze jumped to avoid boxes and rubbish that lined the alley. He glanced behind them and saw that some of the thugs were in hot pursuit. They had been spotted! Kaze had an idea, the train station was close, they could quickly catch a train. Kaze could run away with Yuri and start again, start a new life. They kept running along the alley. until they met a brick wall.

"What do we do now?" Yuri cried. The gang of armed men was circling and closing in.

Hazuki sighed, as she realized it was one of those situations. She looked at Yuri; fear was in his eyes, fear of losing everything that he had gained. Her mind darted back to when she saw them together in their room; Yuri had looked so peaceful, so happy. She wanted him to live a life full of that happiness. Even if it wasn't with her.

"Help each other climb up!" she said, "I'll help Kaze up after Yuri."

"What about you?" Yuri cried.

"I'll hold them off. Get away, start a new life. Don't look back, and always be happy." Hazuki looked down at the ground. Kaze helped Yuri up on to the wall, even though he was protesting. Hazuki quickly helped Kaze up.

"Good luck," she said, as she turned to face their attackers.

"Same to you," Kaze cried, as he jumped down off the wall on the other side and ran away with Yuri.

"Out of our fucking way, you bitch!" one of the thugs yelled at Hazuki.

"If you want to get to Yuri, you'll have to go through me first," she said, and readied herself to fight.

Kaze and Yuri ran as fast as they could to the station. The ticket man looked confused as they asked for a ticket to anywhere, but Kaze waved money at him and they got two tickets to Tokyo.

"Will Hazuki be okay?" Kaze asked Yuri, as they boarded the train, which was about to depart.

"I hope so," said Yuri, "She's a strong girl. She'll find a way out, somehow."

The train pulled away as the thugs reached the station, and Kaze and Yuri were finally free.

It was cold, so cold, and everything hurt. Hazuki lie on the dirty concrete, covered in cuts and bruises. She shuddered, why was she so cold? She could feel the rain falling on her, like tears. She was soaked through, but couldn't really feel it. It felt distant, somehow.

Everything seemed so feint, and she felt a calm breeze pass over her. Tears sprang at the corner of her eyes. She was dying. The blood trickled from the wound in her head, and everything felt unreal, like it belonged to another world. A picture came into her mind. Yuri, happy, smiling, and now safe. A weak smile crossed her face. Yuri was safe, Yuri was happy. Nothing else mattered to her.

She curled up in a tight ball, wishing it were Yuri's arms around her, as she drifted into a deep, eternal sleep.

Three days passed.

The metropolis of Tokyo City sprawled out before them from their high apartment block. The rent wasn't cheap, but Kaze had a fortune stashed away, his parents had been wealthy, and his inheritance had been large.

He lay in bed with Yuri, holding him closely. He knew the question that troubled Yuri, for it troubled him too. Hazuki, was she safe?

The television blared a weather report. More rain. The news report came on.

"A young girl, Hazuki Mishami, was beaten to death down a dark alley. Her body was found yesterday. A group of men are being questioned about her murder."

Yuri turned the T.V. off, and started crying. Kaze was crying too, he could feel Yuri's pain. He kissed him gently.

"I'm sorry." Kaze said, "I should have known."

"She knew what would happen," Yuri sobbed, "She did it because she loved me. I acted blind to her love for all these years, because I didn't want to hurt her."

Kaze held him tightly, "It's okay, it's okay," he soothed, as the rain continued to fall from the heavens above. He kissed him again and again, "She wanted you to be happy."

Kaze and Yuri kissed passionately as the clouds broke and the sun shone through for a short while. Yuri broke the kiss.

"I love you, Kaze," he said.

"I love you too, Yuri, and as long as we live, we'll never forget Hazuki's sacrifice."

Kaze and Yuri looked out over Tokyo together, and their new beginning, free from all the pain, suffering and loneliness that had blighted their lives. They were free now to do whatever they wanted, free from Yuri's uncle and the hatred and bigotry they had faced together and overcome, with Hazuki's help. Yuri smiled.

"Thank you, Hazuki," he said.