Wow, it's been ages since I worked on this story, and upon reading it again, I realized, it could be better. So before I continue with the story, I want to fix some things and such.

Chapter One: New Beginnings

All Ekesu had to do was get through school without having her dignity stripped from her. It was a lot easier said than done. Ekesu was going to be the first girl to go to an all boys school. The boys weren't making it any easier. She did have one ally though. His name was Tomei Chino. He went out with her friend Neji and, it was his responsibility to look after her. He always waited for her after class and before school. That fateful morning was no different. She walked up the stairs to meet him as usual.

"Hey, Ekay!" Tomei called as she got closer.

"Hey, Tom!" Ekesu cried back. They walked into school. No sooner had the got in, the neighborhood "possie" came over to them.

"Tú vives en una caja chica peqeña!" Semaj, the leader of the possie declared.

"¡No, tú vives en una caja, y tu madre tambien, chico peqeño!" Ekesu shouted back. A chorus of "Oohs" came from the crowd of boys as Tomei ushered her out of the crowd. (I know, you're like "What did they say?" It's Spanish. Semaj said that she lived in a box and Ekesu said no that he did with his mother too. This is what we did in Spanish class, throw Spanish insults at each other.) Semaj used that same insult everyday, he was running out of material fast. Tomei and Ekesu went to their math class first. Their teacher, Mr. Imfate, put a seemingly impossible problem on the board. Ekesu and Tomei racked their brains as hard as they could but could not figure out what the answer was. One boy with dark skin, a huge Afro, and thick glasses went up to the board and solved it. Showing his work and all. Mr. Imfate did not know what to say. The problem was supposed to take the class the whole period but it was answered in thirty seconds. Tomei and Ekesu looked at the boy and he glared back. After class they thought nothing of it, but they soon realized they should have paid more attention to him.

Gym class was always murder to Ekesu. She played hard and liked to shower after class. Unfortunately for her, the class was just a bunch of perverted boys. That boy from math class appeared again. He kept glaring at her.

"Okay people, volleyball!" the gym teacher cried.

"Oh joy," Ekesu sighed sarcastically. They'd be trying to look up her shirt now too. The game didn't last more than five minutes when the boy from math class hit the volleyball so hard it hit her in the stomach and plowed her into the wall. Ekesu stood up, a little shaken by the experience. He kept on glaring at her. That's when she knew something freaky was going on.

In an unknown realm, an angry young woman named Shara plopped down in her large throne. Or at least she appeared young as she glowered down at her servants.

"Can ANYONE succeed in getting the Water of Life!" Shara roared at the top of her lungs. A tall, black, heavily armored figure came up to the throne.

"Your highness, that should be the last thing you are worried about," he said. She studied his hooded face carefully.

"Untice, where have you been?" Shara asked of the hooded man.

"I've been among the humans of earth."

" 't tell me..."

"I'm afraid so."

"What your highness?" one of her servants asked. Shara glared at him.


"They are about to awaken," Untice said calmly.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? AN INVITATION! KILL THEM! KILL THEM NOW!" Untice left the throne room his armor clanking softly with every step. He was determined to be victorious over Seven Lights at last.

Tomei walked Ekesu home. After he heard the story of the boy at gym class he knew something was wrong. They walked on the sun-bleached sidewalk chatting idly about nothing in particular. They passed a woman with dark pine-tree green, wavy hair. As they passed her she came up to them.

"Excuse me, but are you Ekesu Ishimeri?" she asked. Tomei and Ekesu gave each other a skeptical glance.

"Yes I am," Ekesu replied, "what business do you have with me?"

"Someone attacked you right?"

"Are you some kind of psychic or fortune teller?" Tomei asked, "If you are, we don't-"

"I am not a fortune teller or psychic I just know the guy who attacked you."

"Well, who was he?" Ekesu asked.

"His name is Untice. He's trying to destroy an ancient power called the Seven Lights-"

"Save it lady, you're weirdo," Tomei said. As the two walked away the lady looked around. When she saw no one was watching, she shot a wall of fire in front of the teens. Tomei and Ekesu walked back.

"So what was that about ancient power?" Tomei said as they came back.

"Like I was saying, the Seven Lights are an ancient power that defeated an evil, power hungry queen named Shara. She's determined to live forever by obtaining a globe of water called the Water of Life."

"So, when do the Sever Lights come in?" Ekesu asked.

"They are the only thing standing in her way, and you, young lady, are one of them."

"What! As if my life isn't hard enough! I have to add being part of an ancient power?"

"I've already awakened different assets of the Seven Lights, I think you know them. They will be revealed in due time. But first, you receive this bracelet, when you squeeze the crystal charm, you will have access to some of your power. Since it hasn't been used in millions of years, your power rank is at zero. You can't really do much yet, but you'll be strong in no time."

"What's your name?"

"It's Gaiya. See you soon." Tomei and Ekesu walked home. Was what she was saying true? They had no way of knowing. But upcoming events proved her right.

Ekesu wore the bracelet to school, not knowing what to expect. School seemed normal enough. That kid, Untice, was still there but he did nothing extraordinary today. It wasn't until lunch time that his intentions were laid bare. Ekesu got her lunch and walked toward her seat. Semaj and his possie followed closely behind her yelling insults in her ear. Tomei took care of the situation by punching Semaj firmly in the jaw. Semaj and his group dog-piled Tomei. Ekesu dragged Tomei out of the ruckus only to be whacked, by one of his groupies. The cafeteria was dead silent. Ekesu wiped the blood off her lip, looked at it thoughtfully, and punched him back. As the fight grew into a mass brawl, she furtively tried to get out of it. As she staggered up out of the fight, she saw Untice. He smiled little and said, "Here kitty, kitty."

The brawlers were frozen by a load tiger's roar. Ekesu squeezed the charm on her bracelet, hoping that for once, something would go right. In a flash of light, she was in a black body suit with ornate purple and gold boots and a similarly decorated jacket. In her hand was a large golden and purple mallet. Untice seemed afraid.

"SERAPH!" he cried.

"Is that my hero name?" Ekesu asked, "Well, I guess it's cool."

Seraph ran circles around the giant tiger, it couldn't keep up with her, well at least for a while. As the tiger tried to attack her, she slammed her mallet into its side. The tiger was in recoil for a few seconds but it pounced on her and pinned her to the wall. Seraph tried to force the tiger off of her but she couldn't move. It was hopeless. A bloody-faced Tomei turned to the other boys.

"So are you going to let her die. Are you that afraid of what you don't understand?" Tomei asked. There was silence among the others.

"I guess they're right then, huh? Men are dogs," he said. Tomei grabbed the tiger and tried to pry him off of Seraph. Semaj and his possie stood up.

"Are we going to allow one of our fellow classmates die!" Semaj boomed. His entire group joined Tomei in releasing Seraph. Once free, Seraph lifted the mallet over her head and slammed it on the tiger's skull. The tiger fell, limp and disappeared in a black mist. Clapping was heard. It was Gaiya.

"That was an excellent display of school spirit, boys! Good work, Ekesu, your power rank has moved up to one and you have access to a new weapon, a spear," Gaiya said.

"Wow, Ekesu are you some kind of super hero?" Semaj asked.

"Well, I am now," Ekesu replied, turning into her school uniform.


The next day as Tomei and Ekesu walked into school, Semaj's possie formed a circle around them.

"Coach wants a word with you two," Semaj said. As they were escorted, Ekesu asked, "Tom, who is Coach?"

"Coach Ruffeild. He's the football coach," Tomei replied.

"What would Coach want with us?"

"Don't know."

They were ushered into Coach's office. The middle-aged man studied them carefully.

"I saw the way you two roughed up the boys and inspired school spirit. How would you like to become my student assistants?" Coach asked.

"Sure!" they answered at the same time. Things were finally starting to look up.