Ambie-Chan: I'm back.

Nezumi: They can see that.

Ambie-Chan: Yeah. Midterms are still coming. I'm still worried.

Nezumi: Okay, get on with Ekay's little profile!

Ambie-Chan: Alright, alright!

Name: Ekesu Ishimeri (eykesoo eesheemeyree)

Identity in the Seven Lights: Seraph

Element: *currently unknown*

Date of Birth: August 3 (same day as Darien/Mamoru ^-^)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 105 lbs

Hobbies: Painting, eating, reading

Theme Songs: "I'm a Super Girl" (Krystal), and "Kettobase!" (Hikaru Utada)

Stuff: Ekesu wears glasses. She likes The White Stripes, 80's rock, J- pop, Shonen Kife, Destiny's Child, Usher, Pink, and Krystal. Ekesu sometimes acts like she's a child but she's actually very intelligent and more mature than she lets off. She doesn't like to sound selfish, although sometimes she does. She has a crush on Zeus Yochida, who also happens to be one of the Seven Lights. There's a long story to that, and you'll have to read the rest!

Nezumi: What's the "Theme Songs" thing about?

Ambie-Chan: It's songs I think would play in the background if you were to make this a movie or something. Just songs I associate with the character.

Nezumi: Oh.

Ambie-Chan: Okay, chapter time!


Chapter 8: Angels of the Snow

Zeus glowed with a bright light, and crystalite wings sprung from his back. He dove after Seraph. He saw her with a zombie-like expression on her face. Seraph's face lightened up a bit when she saw him. She mouthed the word "angel." Zeus caught her and kissed her cheek. Her body retained its original energy and she joined the realm of the living. She fell asleep in his arms. Zeus flew back up to where Okei was waiting.

"Thank you," Okei said as Zeus put her down. Zeus once again concealed his wings.

"Do me a favor...don't tell her," Zeus asked.

"No problem."

Zeus picked her up and they returned to the others. But what they didn't know that there was someone watching them. Untice was on a cliff, watching the fight.

"It won't be long brother. The final battle will ensue, and I will be the dominant one," he snarled.

It was noon of the next day when they got to the edge of the desert. The Seven Lights shivered with cold. Zeus reached into his bag and tossed out a few coats. They walked for a while, Zeus leading as usual. Even though they hadn't gotten to the part of the mountain with snow, it was bitterly cold. Tomei wanted desperately to raise the temperature, but if he raised it too high, there'd be ice over the path. Ryoko kept the winds at bay, and the others tried to keep the team moral up. They took shelter for the night in a cave. Tomei and Norga made food. Zeus' hands were bothering him. Ekesu unwrapped his bandages, and gasped at what she saw. His hands were ghostly white and covered with frost and frozen blood.

"Can you move them?" she asked. He shook his head no. She held his hands trying to keep them warm.

"Nej, can you guys spare a bucket of water?"


"Don't make it too warm, please."

Neji placed the bucket near the two. Ekesu put his hands in the water. He flinched a little. After a while, the water turned red with his blood. Ekesu took his hands out and dried them with a towel from their First Aid Kit. She dumped out the water.

"Hold your hands near the fire for a while."

Neji and Ryoko put his plate of food next to him.

"No hard feelings about annoying you this whole trip?" Ryoko asked.

"None at all," Zeus replied with a smile. Ekesu ate absent-mindedly. Ryoko leaned close to her ear.

"Maybe Zeus isn't all that bad," she whispered.

"What made you change your mind?"

"You saw his face when you held his hands."

"No, I was worried he was going to get frostbite, and I was trying to take care of him."

"He likes you."

"Ha ha, very funny Ryoko."

Ryoko smirked. She was going to have a lot of fun getting these two together. After dinner, Ekesu wrapped up Zeus' hands. She ripped a bit of fabric off of her uniform's shirt.

"Just a little extra so they won't cold like that again."


Ekesu sat with Norga, Neji and Ryoko. Ekesu smiled and laughed with her old friends, a warm glow surrounding her. Zeus looked longingly at the circle.

"If only she remembered, I would be sitting there, my arms around her," Zeus thought. He glowered at the stony ground of the cave. He pulled his coat closer around his body.

"Hey, Zeus, come sit with us!" Ryoko said. Zeus looked surprised, but then got up and sat with them.

"What's with the sudden invitation?" he asked.

"We are a team right?"


"Nuff said."

Okei had fallen asleep on Ekesu's shoulder. Norga was nodding off and Tomei was trying hard to keep his eyes open. Zeus suddenly felt tired also. Neji stood up.

"I knew everything was going too smoothly!" she said.

"What's wrong?" Ryoko asked.

"It's the female yetis."

"Don't be silly Nej, yetis aren't real," Ekesu said.

"Yeah, but Ekay, we're not in our dimension. Anything can happen here. Do you remember what female yetis do?"

"They lull all the men in a traveling group to sleep..."

"Then they attack the women, because they survive by drinking their blood..."

"And they save the males for...*ehem* reproduction."

"OH, HELL, NO! THEY'RE NOT TOUCHING MY BOYFRIEND!" Neji cried. She transformed into Etain, and the other girls followed suite. As Etain predicted, several female yetis appeared at the mouth of the cave.

"Tempest Tossed!" Eros cried. She managed to get most of the hungry tribe falling down the side of the mountain. Seraph switched to her dream form.

"Rainbow Arch Blade!" She cried and brutally attacked a few that were edging toward her brother and Zeus. Eros ran back in.

"It's no use, they keep coming for more!" she cried. Etain looked at Tomei's sleeping face.

"No way we're giving up!"

They nodded. The girls put up a good fight, but the sheer numbers that they were against, made victory seem like a distant dream. Finally the yetis over powered them.

"I'm not giving up yet!" Eros said as she continued to struggle.

"We have to defend our friends!" Seraph cried, furiously kicking at them with whatever strength that she had left.

"I won't let you down!" Etain screamed. The girls began to glow.

"We will not be defeated! SNOW ANGELS!" they cried in unison. The tribe of yetis were swallowed in the blast of energy. Eros, Etain and Seraph lay on the ground drained of all energy.

"Was that a combined attack?" Etain asked.

"Yep," Eros replied.

"Wicked..." Seraph said. They fell asleep on the ground of the cave.

A few hours later, Tomei, Okei, Norga, and Zeus woke up. Okei noticed the girls on the floor.

"What happened here?" Norga asked.

"You think we missed something?" Tomei said.

"Oh, yeah." Zeus replied with a nod.


Ambie-Chan: Whew...It's over. Okay, who's the next for a profile?

Nezumi: Um...I picked Tomei! He's the sweet guy that we don't hear much about.

Ambie-Chan: Okay! Tomei-chan it is!