Seasons I long for summer and water cold

Feeding the ducks that are ever so bold

Basking in the sun with lotion on

Getting up early and waiting for dawn

Dancing in the storms of warm rain

Singing to the stars while people ask if I'm sane

Hot summer romance and the tears that come

When the summer and love set with the sun

I long for autumn and trees so bright

Warm apple cider on a cooling night

Trees with as many colours as the sunrise

Watching the happiness shining in your eyes

Candy galore and kids bursting with glee

Peace is a sight you thought you'd never see

Falling leaves and early frost

The summer's warmth is all but lost

I long for winter, cold and rare

Stark beauty that can't compare

Blankets of snow and sweaters warm

School's cancelled, here comes the storm

Snowflakes on your eyelashes

Marvel in the beauty of winter's ashes

Frozen tears and holidays

Reside in winter's complicated gaze

I long for the rebirth of spring

The season when all of life will sing

Birds come back and flower's bloom

Throwing away thoughts of imposing doom

Cherishing life born anew

I'll rediscover my love for you

We'll kiss under the maple trees

Whispering words of forever on the breeze

I long for the seasons...