Author's Note: So, here's the story. In English class a couple of days ago, our teacher told us that we would be doing these row stories again. That's were Mr. Wolfe put a beginning of a potential story line on the board and we were supposed to come up with a beginning and then after five minutes of writing we would give it to the person behind us to continue where we left off. This story might not make a lot of sense but bare with it. I wrote the first part. This girl wrote the second part, and this guy wrote the last part. So don't blame me. It wasn't really my idea. I think I've said enough. ^_^ Just read it..

It was cold and dark. The fog was drifting in on the lake.. I could finnaly see through my cabin window. I looked onto the lake and thought I saw something on the water. I decided to take a closer look. I knew it was crazy but I was always known to be curious so I put on my coat and.