A Word From the Authors


Um... Lots to say about this ficcy. Well, I guess I could give you a sort of summary just so you know what you're getting into. Well, basically it's about Jumping Peanut and I and we switch bodies with two guys at school. One guy is in our grade, and the other is a senior. (We're sophomores, in case you didn't know). Anywhuzzles, we have tons of problems. Aside from the obvious physical problems, but also personality clashes because it's during school. Then there's the whole relationship thing between several of the characters, although not all of them are really important. It's just sorta like he wants her but won't get her kinda thing but not. *sighs and shakes head* I can't really describe it. But anywayz, it also is so that each of us learns a lesson. We've all got faults, and that's what this fic is really all about: dealing with each others faults and still pulling through. Or at least, trying to.

I'm Claire, and no, that's not my first name. It's my middle name. *laughs* I don't like my first name much, so why bother using it? Anywayz, the things she does is what I would do, the things she says... You get the idea. She's me, dammit! So I write her chapters. I also write the chapters about Alex, my sister (René), and probably my mom if she's in it. We'll sorta tell you who wrote what at the end of each chapter. But... I dunno. I kinda came up with it and then told Jumping Peanut about it, and she thought it would be funny to put it as a story. So here we are! Anywayz, hope you like it!

~ Purra ^^~

Jumping Peanut

Ok, well Purra basically gave you a synopsis of the story. I would like to add this story is, in my opinion, really funny. I mean come on one of the more trivial things mine and Purra's characters have to deal with is shaving. I'd like to mention that Scott is based on a senior I know, he has not been exaggerated! I just gave him a soft side I believe he has. Marc is based on a guy I know, he to is a senior. My charater's name is Sarah. Don't ask why I just like that name.

Something you should know before you read is that the point of view changes through out the story, so make sure to read the name at the top of the page. That will tell you who is "talking" to you. There's not much else I really can say with out giving away any really funny parts. Enjoy! oh and pleeeeeeeaaase leave reviews! *Muah!*