This story is completely and utterly untrue. My friend steph and I were staying after school and our friend sarah abandoned us. We were bored and this is what typed it up and here it is. No kids are having sex, in fact I am pretty sure sarah is asexual. at least thats her claim. She thinks when she turnd 18 she will split in half...whatever.

oh, and you should have been there when we read it to sarah..boy was she pissed. Luckily for us she was laughing to hard to hurt us. All we got are : that is so wrong

BACKSTORY: we have a running inside joke that sarah is a pitbull named fluffikins...dont ask.

and now our feature presentation...

Interested In More Than Chemistry
by Steph and Nev
Pairing: Sarah(fluffikins) and our chemistry teacher (who by the way is realllllllllllllllllllly boring and hated. If you read my other story you would know that he once set our school on fire...)

It wasn't all that long ago that we got our darling little Fluffykins. We always brought her to school with us, and she had a marvelous time. Then one day we found out her dirty little secret. It was an awfully big secret for such a small, stupid dog. The day started out normal enough; she was singing her Queen songs and trying to escape her leash. It seemed like an ordinary day, though now that we think back to it, with our recently obtained knowledge, we wonder if she had alternative motives for her attempt escapes. It was like she was trying to get to something, or someone!

She had complained that her knee had been "fucked" up because of "fencing." But she had talked about that that so much that we started to wonder if she was really all that upset about it. She was reluctant to explain how one could fuck their own knee.

That wasn't all too bad, but clue two was soon to follow and build our suspicions. It was a Thursday, and the Film society had been canceled for reasons unknown to us, but that didn't concern us. We had to stay after for other reasons; we needed help in chemistry and needed to make up gym classes. However, Fluffykins refused to come with us into the gym. We even pulled at her leash, but she didn't come. She refused to explain. Instead, she scratched us and broke off her leash and ran off as if towards a predetermined destination. We knew she had to have reasons for so desperately wanting to get away from us. She claimed to have to work on her fencing picture, but we knew she could've done so with us in the gym. There had to be more to it. We thought perhaps she wanted to do some extracurricular "fencing."

But we had to hurry up and go into the gym, and decided to just let her go off. We checked into Mr. Cameron's office and asked for help, but he said he was going to be "busy" for awhile, he said he had things to "do." He told us we should return for help at 2:30. Didn't seem all too strange, but we couldn't of expected the events that were to follow.

We returned to the gym, but soon it was 2:20. Being the kind of people who don't like being late, we figured we should leave for the needed help at that time. We walked by Fluffykin's normal spot, but she wasn't there. Thinking nothing of it, we continued on to Mr. Cameron's room.
It wasn't that long before we were at the room. We stepped up to the door, and put our hands on the knob. We began turning it, but heard barking from with in. The door was locked, so we looked through the small little window. We could not believe what we saw next.

***Due to the dirty content of the next scene, it has been edited, and only two words passed the sensors: doggie style***

We then stepped away from the door, horrified with the sights our unfortunate eyes had just scene. We would have died had it not been for lingering anesthesia that is chemistry. We ran down the hallway quickly, the barking become faint in the background, but the scars in our minds from those sights still stay. We didn't know what to do, we always thought it could never happen to our dog, but I guess that's what every parent and owner seems to think. However, we had to face the truth; our dog was a pervy Mr. Cameron fancier... or should we say chemistry teacher fancier. It seems that the whole time she had been interested in more than chemistry. We ran back to the gym, nervous about facing Fluffykins. How could we look her in the eye after what we saw?

Soon it was 3:30, and we had no choice but to go out to the main entrance of the school.

That's when we saw Fluffykins, acting as if nothing had happened. We only needed one more piece of evidence, and then the truth to all this would be inevitable. We needed a confession. After some subtle prodding she admitted to not having stayed outside the whole time. She tried to act innocent though, as if she hadn't been having an affair with Mr. Cameron, but we knew the terrible truth!

The evidence had all pulled together now, and we know realize her reason for always staying after. Apparently, she had been staying after each day for some doggie love from Mr. Cameron. We don't know how long this affair has lasted, but we can figure this much; it is more than just puppy love. We have always heard that dog is supposedly man's best friend, but Fluffykins took that friendship to another level. Our Fluffykins is serious about this relationship. Maybe it won't be long before we hear wedding bells.

THE END...or is it?

AUTHORS NOTE:sequal? We are writing one anyway but should I post it?