The List
(3rd installment of Fluffykins the Puppyslut)
by: Steph (and Nev)
Disclaimers: see previous chapters...
pairing: to many to bother listing.

Last we left our Fluffykins, it was a tine of new love and new life awaiting. Things seemed to be going okay with the new Vd relationships. The days of Fluffykin's sleeping with a lot of people seemed to be ending as she bussied herself with Mr. Vd, and you know what I mean by "busy". Little did we know that Fluffykin's slutiness would come back to haunt us.

With the new puppy on the way, we wanted to know who the father is. Fluffykins claims Mr. Vd is the father, but how can we bw sure? After all, Fluffykins has 'slept' with so many people, anyone of whom could have passed on their genes. It was time to put our years of detective training to the test. The only problem was that we had never had detective training. So we decided to put together a list and search for clues to all her past relationships.

First of all we put down , followed by Mr. Cameron. After that, we stopped momentarily to clear our minds, for that name brought back memories of that night of doggy passion we witnessed.

So there we were with two names and no idea where to turn next. So we went to the source of the sluttiness, Fluffykins. We acted casual in our conversations, hoping Fluffykins would unknowingly give us clues. Or should we call them suspects?

She was talking about our new student teacher in chemistry (Ms. Varien), saying she preferred her to Mr. Cameron. At these words we raised our eyebrows and looked at each other. We had the next suspect. We hadn't thought of the possibility that Fluffykins could also be into girls. We know what you're thinking; how could two girls copulating result in a puppy? Instead of prying into that disturbing question, we shall tell you what we tell ourselves- Fluffykins has her ways...

We talked on with Fluffykins, for Fluffykins never shuts up. We hoped for more clues as we attentively listened to her pointless drivel. Then we got into the subject of teachers. That's when Fluffykins mentioned that Mrs. Verbois, her past social studies teacher, is one of her favorite teachers. Could it be that she was more than just a social studies teacher to Fluffykins? Mrs. Verbois is currently pregnant herself, but married to Mr. Morriello. Perhaps she just married him to cover up the truth, maybe she was cheating, or maybe they had a few three-ways. Either way, she was a new name to be added to our list.

We now had four names on our list, but decided to stop searching for awhile. However, the clues showed up on their own the next day. We thought it was going to be a day just like any other day, as all days seem to be. But words were spoken that day that sparked our interest. We were walking past Mr. Fletcher with Fluffykins at our side. She yelled to him that we were abusing her. He said it didn't surprise him. Under the current circumstances, we thought we should take these words into deeper consideration. Maybe his lack of surprise meant something. Perhaps he was implying that he wasn't surprised because Fluffykins deserved to be abused. That got us thinking. We figured Mr. Fletcher could've been in a relationship with Fluffykins where she cheated on him. Could he have been the one who impregnated our slut?

Twas the next day, and the next clue, once again from Fluffykins own big mouth. She was telling us about a dream she had with Mr. Barry in it. She always seemed to be talking about Mr. Barry. She also always talked TO him during lunch. Such a suspicious amount of attention to give to some teacher…she must have been with him before as well. Then in lunch another day, when Mr. Barry's back was turned, Fluffykins, did that gesture with her hands in the tiger clawing position and a rowdy little growl. If this didn't imply she was sexing him up, we don't know what would.

So with a list of six people we are out of ideas. Things would be much easier if Fluffykins wasn't such a slut. Who could it be? Mr. Vd , Mr. Cameron , Mrs. Verian , Mrs. Verbois(and/or her husband), Mr. Fletcher, or Mr. Barry? All we have left to do is to wait for the puppy to be born so that we can do a DNA test. But for now all we have are assumptions and a pregnant dog.