She finds sweet pleasure in my bitter pain. My dying heart is her living gain. I'm always wrong and she's always right. My fading blue is her shining light.

Try to defend myself so I can be free. Try to separate myself from the cold misery. It's no hope, I just can't break away. It's no hope, for times three I will pay.

Words are worse than sticks and stones, if said right. Words leave worse scars; words can bite. They shatter my soul, they break my heart. I don't want to be like that, I won't have any part.

So I'll hold my tongue and wear a smile. I'll send my feelings down the river Nile. My world is better through the mask. Where I do what she says and the anger doesn't last.

But as I lay in my bed I know I can't hide from the hateful words that eat me up inside. I can't sleep anymore, I'll lie awake. I'll plan ahead for my big escape.

But in my hearts of hearts I grudgingly believe that without a doubt I'll never leave. For deep down inside I know will love her anyway, forever still.

Won't let anyone see, won't let anyone hear the feelings I have inside, the feelings I myself endure. Whenever they're here I smile so sweet. Whenever they're gone I lay down and weep.

This is my world.