Sitting in the rain

I'm sitting in the rain, Hoping the rain'll wash away the pain. Rain drops pound my skin, Each drop tells me I can't win.

The love I've had for you, Still burns alight in me. It proves that much I'm true, Yet you still can't love me.

I continue letting the rain pound, Hoping it'll tell me you're around. Heck, who am I kidding? You don't want my suffering.

Why can't I bring myself, To live without you? Yet I know no wealth, Could cure this love-struck fool.

Rain, rain don't go away, Quench this fire if you may. I'm hoping to be free this day, Please keep the flames at bay.

I ask the sky what's wrong with me, And I get no reply. Will no one ever tell me, Why she won't comply?

My friends keep telling me, Let her go, Yet it's not that easy. To just let it go.

I still sit in the rain, There's thunder nearby, Maybe it'll clear my pain, Or maybe it'll never die.