Thank You for the Past (11/11/02)

Worries of the future haunt at day,
ghosts of the past by night.
It's hard to fall asleep at all, mesmerized with fright.

Things I should've said or done
so filled with regret...
I struggle to move on sometimes,
with too many mistakes I can't forget.

Burdens brought by fear, no one here to trust.
deadly secrets stay within,
left in a poisoned heart to rust.

People I've hurt, so many of them...
I just don't know what to say...
so silence reigns supreme, while I just turn away.

some nights I still can't sleep,
though months and years have passed.
It's the guilt that keeps me restless
it's the scars I know that last.

So before another sleepless night
I'll say a silent prayer,
for wounded hearts and tired souls
whose pain is more than that I bear.

Thank you for the past,
I'll learn from my mistakes.
I know now that in life, you have to give and take.

Thank you for the past
though we may not quite be friends...
someday we'll change the world
someday we'll meet again.

A/N: I started this over the summer and I kept getting stuck on the last two stanzas... I finally finished it now, so if the end doesn't make sense with the beginning... that's why. This is basically a piece to say 'sorry' for... well, everything. Please review ^_^!