Bombs thundered across the fields. The captain was barking out orders in the midst of the chaotic battlefield. The machinegun towers and nests were pummeling a squadron of troops. The Squad was taking cover behind a capsized transport. This operation had begun when it was planned to do a massive amphibious invasion on the enemy's regional Headquarters. For now the assault wasn't doing too good. They never expected that the opposition would heavily fortified in the beach. The entire beach was defended by mine fields, machinegun towers, troops in trenches, artillery fire and it was blocked off by two barbwire fences. The squad needed to alert the Cruisers to fire past the beach because a numerous amount of tanks was waiting on the other side.

"Sir! Sergeant Tony Damascus reporting for duty" Sergeant Tony said as he was reloading some ammunition into his rifle.

"Tony, I need a report on our squad's status." Captain Ross demanded.

Tony managed to utter "Sir. We got three casualties and three of our specialists are scattered throughout the beach. They're pinned down by heavy fire from the second machinegun tower. The Lieutenant James is coming in with the new recruits on the Omega Squadron's 14th Transport. James is bound for the beach in ETA (estimated time of arrival) 5 minutes. The other squads have secured the eastern perimeter but the western perimeter is slowly being decimated by artillery fire."

"Tony, you must wait for the 14th transport division to get here and inform Lt. James to meet me here at the capsized transport." The captain ordered Tony as he was busily mending a troop's bullet wound. "Medic! We got a man injured over here."

Tony gave the captain a nod and started running in a crouched position towards the incoming transports. When he arrived at the base of the transport, the giant doors of the transport creaked open and an abundant amount of troops was pouring out of it into the shallow sea. They all ran as fast as they could all the while volleys of bullets streaked past them. Some of the men tripped on some corpses that were floating and that triggered their guns and fired into their chests. Other soldiers were killed because of either friendly fire or the enemy's bullets ricocheting of the amphibious transports. Tony turned to look at Lt. James giving out orders to his men. He hurriedly approached James.

"Sir, Are you Lieutenant James McCarty?" Tony asked a young brown- haired man who was carrying a M1 Garand Rifle. The young man just merely nodded at Tony. "Alright then. Just follow me." Tony exclaimed.

The two men stayed behind some of the transports as they were steadfastly heading toward shore. Tony stopped for awhile and he turned to James. "The captain is right behind that capsized transport that's a few meters away from here. I'm gonna need you to run over there while I get the machine gunners attention. That way you'll get there with little to no trouble at all."

James casually raised an eyebrow. "You sure about that?" Tony nudged James to encourage him to go.

"Don't just stand that, Go nowww! It'll only be a matter of time before the gunners are finished reloading their rifles." After that, James starts into a sprint. As James was running, he looked back at Tony. He was firing at the guard towers. "Come on Tony!" James yelled. Tony briefly looked at James and gave him a gesture to "go on without me". As Tony continued firing, he was suddenly hit on his right shoulder. He fell down on one knee. Blood was dripping from his shoulder like a faucet that was wide open. "Nooo!" James screamed as he saw his comrade go down in a pool of blood. An Unknown Rage was overwhelming him. He aimed his rifle at the guard tower and fired like a madman. James managed to wipe out five men before getting shot at his left arm. Loud Shouts was heard in the distance. "Dammit! Don't just stand around waiting to get shot at. We need you alive for this mission. Tony's supposed to do that for you."

James looked around to see where that voice came from. He saw a blurred figure in the distance before he fell on the ground from the intense pain. The figure walked closer and closer to him. Bewildered Shouts can be heard amidst the battle. "Medic! I need a Medic here! NOW!" The captain shouted as he was holding a very bloody James in his arms. The captain asked, "Where's my sergeant, James? He was supposed to protect you." "But he did protect me. He sacrificed his life to ensure the safety of mine." James replied.