A boy was happily biking his way towards town from his father's house. He swiftly looked back at his father's old house that was close to Laguna Cape. His mother died when she was giving birth to him and they were the only living relatives (besides his uncle) in his family so he and his father were constantly working to maintain the house. As he continued biking, he quietly gazed into the abyss of the sky. He heard distant rumbling in the distance. He searched the horizon for a trace. There he saw two trails of mesmerizing speed demons, waltzing in the air. One plane had a blue emblem with the number one on his plane's wings while the other plane had a yellow emblem with the number 13 on it. The boy clearly saw that Mobius 1 was heavily damaged by gunfire and thick smoke was trailing behind it. The blue plane was desperately trying to outmaneuver the yellow plane but he was no match for the agility the yellow plane had. The Mobius 1 was descending towards the water in hopes of provoking the Yellow thirteen to follow. Yellow saw what he did and he hastily followed Mobius 1. Mobius one's plane couldn't handle the pressure and speed of the dive and his plane quickly had small bursts of flame erupting from the engines. Mobius 1 was tugging the control stick, trying to pull his plane's nose upward. Yellow thirteen pulled his plane's crosshair right above the blue plane just as it was going up. Yellow thirteen grips the trigger with much anticipation and unleashes a volley of bullets into Mobius one's plane, leaving it a flaming fireball of scrap metal. The wreckage comes crashing down into the boy's house on Laguna Cape. Smoke quickly develops over the are of the crashsite. The boy can only watch in horror as his only living parent and house slowly disappears from existence. He bikes as fast as he can back to his house and finds that the debris from the plane totals everything. The yellow plane circles around the wreckage to confirm the kill. He then flies away towards the town's new highway system that was being built. The boy has had heard rumors that the Erusian's Elite Yellow Squadron was stationed here in Laguna City but this was the first time he has actually seen in action. Yellow Squadron always takes off to do Intercontinental Missions on the Eastern Mainland against the ISAF (Independent States Air Force). He read in the newspaper that Yellow Squadron has successfully pushed ISAF all the way into North Point Island and they have lost control and contact with the mainland mainly due to the fact that Yellow Squadron has wiped out ΒΌ of the ISAF's Mainland Bases. Another reason why the ISAF has retreated back to North Point is because the Erusian's once built a weapon that was originally built to destroy the Ulysses Asteroids that fell all across the mainland. Once they realized that they had complete control over the skies the quickly declared war on ISAF and had reclaimed the mainland. As Yellow thirteen flew back to his base, the boy just searched for his father amongst the debris. A low groan was heard underneath a pile of metal. The boy quickly lifted the pile of metal and found his father, lying there with a shard of steel across his chest. "Father. I never should have left you." The boy said as he was trying to find a cloth to stop his father's bleeding. "I could have saved you if I was here but I was.."

The boy stopped speaking as his father placed his fingers on his lips.

"Vincent, My dear son, Vincent. There was nothing that neither you nor I could do. It was fate that brought us together and it is fate that will tear us apart. I know this sounds saddening but truth is something we cannot deny. You must find my brother, Maximilian, and tell him that I have died and that he must take care of you. Tell him that taking care of you will be my final request to him as a brother." The Vincent's Father said as his voice trailed off into silence.

Vincent's tears fall onto his father's chest as he mending his wounds. With one final desperate breath Vincent's father told Vincent to not worry about what has already happened but worry about what will happen. As Vincent's father finished his last words, Vincent cautiously laid his father on the floor. Vincent removed his father's pocket watch from his wrist and examined it. He found a picture of his father and his brother hanging out in their house's backyard. He then placed the watch in his pocket and continued his previous journey towards town. As he was going, he looked back again and whispered to himself "Goodbye, Father." When he got to town, he started searching all of town, looking for his uncle. It took him all day and it had been dusk for about half an hour already and he still haven't found his uncle. He was getting tired so he went to the "Smokey Barrel" Tavern. When he got there, Vincent sat alone in the corner. As soon as he sat down the bartender's daughter by the name of Michelle, walked up to him and asked if he wanted anything.

"No, I'm fine. I do have question though." Vincent said, "Have you seen this guy?" Vincent quietly